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Unflattering courtroom sketch of Tom Brady is the latest Internet meme

A courtroom artist's rendering of the New England Patriots star has become fodder for a new Internet meme.
/ Source: TODAY

Swarming around a courtroom sketch of Tom Brady at his Deflate-Gate trial Wednesday, Internet users superimposed the rendering of his head atop other famous images — and the results are hilarious.

It all started Wednesday, when Jane Rosenberg's sketch of the New England Patriots star and other trial participants started circulating online.

The sketch went viral within minutes. When Alexander Goot, a writer-producer for Fox Sports, posted it on Twitter, he asked who'd be first to alter the image to include a previously viral image of Michael Jordan crying during his Basketball Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

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At least one Twitter user rose to the challenge, any many more didn't stop there. Before long, the sketch of Brady's head was mingling with existing memes and other memorable images from film, sports, art, music and popular miscellany.

Brady is in court to appeal a four-game suspension stemming from the star's purported involvement in the alleged deflation of one or more footballs used in last season's AFC Championship Game.

Making a case of her own is Rosenberg, whom Vice reached by phone Wednesday. The courtroom artist told Vice what while she's not on Facebook on Twitter, she's seen "snippets [and] complaints, that I made him look like Lurch or whatever." She added, "Tell Tom Brady, I'm sorry. He's a very good-looking guy and if I didn't make him look good enough, I'll try harder next time."

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Asked how she feels if people are making fun of her sketch, she replied, "I don't know. It hasn't sunk in yet. I might be very depressed. I'm my biggest critic, myself. So I feel terrible when I do a bad sketch. So when the whole world is criticizing me, I might just kill myself. Or I might just laugh it off. Who knows?"

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