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Ulong is losingest ‘Survivor’ original tribe

James is sixth member booted in a row
/ Source: The Associated Press

That’s six Ulongs gone in a row on CBS’ “Survivor: Palau.”

The four remaining members of Ulong, the losingest original tribe in “Survivor” history, lost immunity and gave skinny Southerner James Miller the boot on Wednesday’s episode. After a tie between Miller and Ibrehem Rahman, Miller’s ally Stephenie LaGrossa switched sides.

“That little backstabbing wench,” Miller told The Associated Press Thursday. “Me and her are gonna have a little chit chat. I was her buddy. I thought me and her were gonna go through until the end.

“If it had been her on the chopping block, I would’ve faced the music and made it a tie again. That way me and Bobby Jon would’ve had to pull the bad rock.”

Miller is referring to a sticky tribal council situation that occurs when there’s a voting standoff. The two players with tie votes become safe and the remaining survivors are forced to draw rocks to see who goes. The player who draws a purple rock is sent packing.

“I would’ve taken a 50/50 chance of me going home, just to stay loyal,” Miller promised.

It didn’t come to that for the 33-year-old, whose challenge track record was poor. The steelworker failed to build the best bathroom, battle Koror opponent Coby Archa in a water sumo bout or fire at tiles in a shoot-’em-up immunity challenge.

“All I wanted was to go far enough to get me a dadgum truck,” said Miller.