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Ugly Naked Guy revealed! Funny 'Friends' character is a mystery no more

/ Source: TODAY

"Friends" fans heard a lot about Ugly Naked Guy during the show's 10-season run, but they didn't see much of him.

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The man, who lived in peeping distance from Monica and Rachael's apartment for much of the series, was known for lack of good looks and lack of clothes. But we never saw his face. In fact, he was only on-camera — from some pretty creative angles — twice.

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The punchline character was a mystery man, but not quite as much of a mystery as the man who brought him to life. The actor remained uncredited and his identity was never revealed — until now!

Thanks to one devoted reporter from The Huffington Post who didn't give up despite plenty of "I don't knows" and "It wasn't me's," we now know the guy's true identity:

“There’s only one Ugly Naked Guy, man, and that was me,” Jon Haugen told HuffPo.

On social media, longtime "Friends" fans rejoiced at the news.

Haugen, who had done a variety of bit parts on sitcoms back in the day, decided to stay "mellow" about his involvement with the show because that's what Warner Bros. wanted at the time — and what a time it was.

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"It was the best time in my life," he said. "I was the man."

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