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Tyra teases 'Top Model' contestants with fake rejections

By Leslie Gornstein of HitFix.com

In the past, "America’s Next Top Model" has experimented with themes -- say, short girls, or high-fashion contenders. It may seem that cycle 16 of "America’s Next Top Model" has no common thread. Not so. Wise observers have taken a long, lingering look at this cycle’s contenders and declared the theme to be "skanks"; however, to be fair, the fault may lie with the powerful cake eyeliner lobby that has apparently bought and paid for the show’s stylists.

Or maybe it’s the It’s Really All About Me Me Me Me TYRA Season, because for the first two minutes, that’s what we’re seeing: Tyra dressing up and saying stuff and channeling an Ashton Kutcher show from 2003.  

Thankfully, the rest of this cycle’s format isn’t so agonizing. Before we can even get to the season’s initial shriekfest, we learn that Tya already has chosen the 14 finalists, including several token girls. (You know: Petite. Fat. Freckly.)   

Now we get the shriekfest as the 14 are fake-rejected by Tyra and then allowed into the next "Top Model" house.   

"Oh mah god,” a self-described babyfaced model named Jaclyn declares. “They tricked us.”  

Welcome to reality television the modeling industry!

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