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Tyra Banks reveals she's got a crush on Matt Lauer in Instagram video

The businesswoman and creator of "America's Next Top Model" is feeling the Lauer love, and wants everyone to know!
/ Source: TODAY

As you may recall, Tyra Banks has a deep, persistent love for TODAY's Matt Lauer. She proved it on the 2015 Daytime Emmys, and now she's back with an Instagram video that goes even deeper into her fandom.

The "America's Next Top Model" creator and businesswoman posted a video Tuesday where she appears wearing a cozy sweater, looking beautiful with her arms raised over her head, chanting his name.

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"Matt Lauer, Matt Lauer, Matt Lauer," she begins. "When I think of you I just feel that you were born to be on television. Because today today today today and every day when I turn on my TV and see you on TODAY ... Show that is, you fill me up with such warmth and just such coziness like this cashmere sweater that I have on right now."

Well, now! That is an unexpected way to enjoy today. Or TODAY.

It's not the first time Banks has reached out directly to our anchor; at the 2015 Daytime Emmys she mentioned his name 12 times during her appearance on stage. (That, however, was about raising money for charity: Ellen DeGeneres, still in the throes of her ongoing prank feud with Matt, announced during the show that he'd donate $1,000 every time someone mentioned his name in a speech.)

This time, Banks had a slightly different finance-related motive: her lipstick line is currently using the catchphrase "Baby, You Got Matte," which she hashtagged on the post.

Matt Lauer caught on to that angle pretty fast, as he mentioned on TODAY Wednesday: "I like Tyra Banks," he said. "I now realize this is weird, but it's also part of some sort of promotional campaign for makeup. ... It had me a little nervous for a second."

Meanwhile, Banks' video tribute continues, "You live in New York City and I used to live in New York City but I'm in Los Angeles California right now but it doesn't matter because when I turn on that TV I see you and I know you see me. Matt Lauer. Baby ... got ... Matt."

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Then she sends off a big kiss to him and makes a funny face before the video ends.

Alas, sorry to report: Banks is not a one-Matt kinda gal. She also has similar breathy videos for Matthew McConaughey:

"Friends" star Matt LeBlanc:

And Matt Damon:

Among others.

But we know who the Original Matt is in Banks' heart. Did she say any of the others' names 12 times at the Emmys? Exactly!

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