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By Ree Hines

Audiences just can't get enough of Tyler Perry's Madea, the no-nonsense character who's had him cross-dressing on stage and screen in a variety of productions over the last 14 years. But if they ever do get enough of her, Perry has a plan — a plan to kill her off.

The writer, producer, director and star stopped by TODAY Monday morning, along with his "A Madea Christmas" co-star Larry the Cable Guy, to discuss his latest flick and the future of his Madea films.

"As long as people want to see her, she'll be around," Perry insisted. "But the minute they stop coming, that broad's going to die a quick death! I just want you to know it. It's all about the people, man. The power's in the hands of the people at home."

Of course, Perry wouldn't send her off without a farewell feature. In fact, he teased that he might just call it "Madea's Funeral — Welcome!"

But for now, Madea's alive and kicking, and soon to be seen alongside a new face to the franchise.

"I came in, (and) I classed the whole movie up," Larry the Cable Guy explained. "It was awesome."

And he did much of that off script. The Blue Collar Comedy comedian called Perry's ad-lib-filled filming "one of the funnest things" he'd ever been part of.

"I like to have fun," Perry said of his process. "I'm an actor's director, so I want to see the artist and the comedian all have fun together."

See how much fun they had when "Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas" opens in theaters nationwide on Dec. 13.