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Two voted out in surprising ‘Survivor’ episode

Two castaways were kicked off on this week's "Survivor," and while the immunity idol didn't actually come into play, it loomed in the background of both decisions.
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The pin-up can play: Sugar epitomizes how much the immunity idol matters. Without it, she's the weakest player in a tribe that can't win a challenge even with the added motivation of Jeff Probst's schoolyard taunts. With it, she's the most powerful player in Fang. This week, the pin-up model got a double dose of freedom when she was given her tribe's individual immunity as a gift from Marcus. Not only was she not going anywhere, aside from her weekly sojourn to Exile Island, she had the power to save someone else if she wanted by playing her hidden idol. And to top it off, she found herself the tiebreaking vote in a five-player team.

It came down to a choice between sending Ace and Crystal home, and Kenny successfully convinced Sugar that Ace and Matty were trashing her. That seemed realistic, especially since Matty is trashing everyone these days, and his story was collaborated when Ace asked her for the hidden idol as Ken predicted. She didn't give it, and Ace was blindsided by a 3-2 vote.

You don't like me! You really don't like me!: Dan's clients better hope he's a better attorney than he was a "Survivor" player. Though he may be comfortable in a courtroom, he was a bundle of nerves in Gabon. Dan spent the whole episode asking for reassurance that he was part of the team, that everyone liked him and that he shouldn't be worried that he wasn't included in every conversation or invited to their houses after soccer practice for milk and cookies. The insecurity got on everyone's nerves.

"At some point Dan's going to be a huge liability," Marcus said, figuring that he could be swayed by whichever group of players was the nicest to him. While Dan almost survived because of fears he had the hidden immunity idol, eventually his team realized that if he had the idol he'd probably be playing the game with more confidence, and out he went.

A lamb with teeth: Crystal put herself in the danger zone by spilling rice, then playing the martyr afterwards by refusing to eat because of her mistake. "Crystal did me a favor. She will be the next lamb to the slaughter," Ace said.

Instead, she survived at the expense of a player she called both a "devil" and a "snake" this week. While she was happy to get rid of Ace, she's going to have a fun time hanging out with Matty back at camp until the tribes merge. Matty gleefully wrote her name down, saying "I have been waiting for this day for so long and I'm so happy it's here." Good news, Matty! You may get to write her name down again later in the game!

They'll pass you by, Glory Days: It was a big day for physics teacher Bob. He got to sit at the front of the helicopter as he and the rest of his tribemates were whisked away for a picnic lunch after winning the reward challenge, and cried with gratitude when the meal was accompanied by letters from home. "Life doesn't get any better than this," he said.

But then it all went downhill. When he saw what the immunity challenge was, he bragged, "I won the lumberjack log roll when I was in college." Then he lost in the semifinals to Sugar. The school will probably come and take his trophy away for that.

Too much information: While everyone else is playing "Survivor," Susie was playing some other game where the objective is to say dumb things that could get someone eliminated. When Corrine told her the alliance was voting Dan off, Susie responded by saying that if she hadn't heard anything, she had planned to write Corrine's name down. In "Survivor," that falls under the category of "overshare."

"I hate her. I want her gone yesterday," Corrine then told the group, and then had to watch at Tribal Council as Susie argued that she wasn't the weakest player because she had more upper body strength than Corrine. Corrine ultimately wrote down Dan's name instead, however, perhaps just curious about what Susie might say next week

New career: If the pinup and acting gigs don't work out for Sugar, she might have a future as a psychiatrist. She nailed Fang's issues when asked by Jeff at the Tribal Council how she felt watching Matty and Crystal yell at each other about the rice spill.

"This sounds like such petty bullcrap to me, Sugar said. "This is why we haven't been winning, because people keep on holding these things against each other."

Craig Berman is a writer in Washington, D.C.