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Two nights and counting for Paris

Prisoner #9818783 — also known as Paris Hilton — has spent her second night at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, and everything seems to be going as well as can be expected for the jailbird heiress.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Prisoner #9818783 — also known as Paris Hilton — has spent her second night at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, and everything seems to be going as well as can be expected for the jailbird heiress.

By all accounts, Paris is behaving like a model citizen at Lynwood. Sheriff's spokesman Stephen Whitmore commented on Paris' attitude to the AP, saying, “Her demeanor was helpful. She was focused; she was cooperative.”

Lawyer Richard Hutton visited her in prison yesterday, and he told “Access Hollywood” and other reporters that her attitude was fantastic — that she wanted to come in quietly and do her time.

She's using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better and hopefully, in my opinion, to change the attitudes that exist about her among many people," said Hutton.

Paris herself confided in “Access” on Sunday, saying “I'm scared, but I'm being strong and I'm ready to face my sentence, and I hope that this can be an example to other young people and the decisions they make and use it as something positive.”

Paris HIlton
Paris Hilton's attorney Richard Hutton, talks to the media gathered outside the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Century Regional Detention Facility, where Hilton is incarcerated, in Lynwood, Calif., Monday, June 4, 2007. Hilton surrendered to Los Angeles County Sheriff's department officials late Sunday to serve 23 days for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.Damian Dovarganes / AP

And while it's only natural that Hilton would be scared, she is currently isolated in a 12 x 8 foot cell, away from other inmates who may wish to do her harm.

Angie Lee, an inmate who was released after spending a week in Lynwood, told “Access” that there was at least one prisoner who was ticked off by Paris' presence. “The girl that I was housed with had a visit from her parents and from her lawyer and from her son,” said Lee, “and all four of them couldn't get (in) because of Paris arriving.”

It's been reported that family and friends are only allowed to visit inmates on weekends, so it's possible that Paris may not have directly caused Lee's cellmate to miss out on seeing guests but that doesn't mean Paris wouldn't be a target anyway. An inmate who wished not to be identified told “Access” there was word in the prison that Paris was there and that lots of inmates wanted to get her, but said that there's not a chance of that happening. She said deputies would treat Paris very well because she's a celebrity.

Celebrity status or not, Paris was still issued the same meager amenities as anyone else upon her arrival: two pairs of socks, two pairs of underwear, two jumpsuits, one bra, one toothbrush, one comb, one pencil, one bar of soap, one pillow, one wool blanket and two flat sheets.

One booking detail that has seen conflicting reports is over Paris' hair. While her long blonde locks looked characteristically stunning in her booking photo, rumors surfaced that she had to remove her hair extensions upon arrival. Those rumors are untrue, “Access” has learned. The owner of Dream Catchers salon in Beverly Hills told “Access” that Paris got her extensions tightened this past Thursday. As it turns out, the jail will let inmates have extensions if they are tightly attached.

As for that booking photo, celebrity photographer Diane Cohen inferred that there may be more to Paris' made-up visage than her merely wanting to look nice. "I think that she really pulled a coup by going in early," Cohen told Access, "it makes the picture much more important because there's not a lot of images of her." In light of that, Cohen remarked that the first pictures to come out of Paris in jail could fetch as much as half a million dollars!

Some famous folk have weighed in on Paris' situation, offering words of encouragement.

“She's somebody that I've known for a while,” Sean “Diddy” Combs told “Access.” “And I just wish her the best of luck.”

Elisha Cuthbert is another celebrity who knows Paris personally, and she had kind words to share: “You know, a lot of people don't really know her for her, and she's actually a wonderful person. And I'm very proud of her, and I hope she comes out soon and I hope that she's well.”

But some stars weren't quite as kind. “I think Paris is going to find jail to be a life changing experience,” said actor Denis Leary. “Maybe she'll learn how to read.”

And as for Oprah?

“I have no thoughts about Paris,” she told “Access” bluntly. “I don't spend time thinking about Paris, thank you.”