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'Two and a Half Men' producer takes on Catholic Church in vanity card

Chuck Lorre, the executive producer of CBS's "Two and a Half Men," is known for his sometimes lengthy, often humorous statements shown on vanity cards at the end of each episode. But viewers of Monday's show got a little something extra -- a dig against the Catholic Church.

Lorre begins the card by commenting that he stays off of Facebook and Twitter because he feels it’s more appropriate to keep his thoughts to himself.

Writes Lorre, “For example, if I were to feel moral outrage over an organization riddled with pedophiles expressing their moral outrage over contraception, I certainly wouldn’t tweet about it.”

Lorre’s rebuke comes in light of the Catholic Church’s recent complaints that President Obama's initiative requiring employers to cover contraception in their health care plans goes against religious morality clauses, and that Catholic business owners should not be forced to adhere to the stipulation.

The producer, 59, who’s also behind such hits as “The Big Bang Theory" has in the past used vanity cards to express opinions in his feud with former "Men" star Charlie Sheen.

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