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Two down, four to go on 'So You Think You Can Dance'!

We begin with a pleasant contemporary dance with a big, old flower. It's fine, but nothing special. Which is probably fine, as these kids must be exhausted. We're down to the final six, and as Cat likes to constantly remind us, after tonight there will be four. Two people are going home. One guy, one girl. That's two, as in one, two. Though they aren't going home, as they have to stick around for the finale. But they won't be competing. So, it's like going home, but not. Cat is nothing if not thorough in explaining the meaning of an elimination show to us. Poor thing does have to find endless ways to fill up an hour-long show that only contains about two minutes of information, though. I guess Fox hasn't found a way to show 55 minutes of commercials and somehow convince us to stick around.

Time to meet our judges. Again. We have Lil' C, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, as Christina probably had to work on her new show, "Up All Night." Or, because she works for another network, maybe they only wanted to give her so much airtime. Anyway, Nigel explains there will be no bottom two, so they'll just announce who's going into the finale. After dragging things out for an hour. 

Anyway, we get to see the final six dance their solos for what could be The. Very. Last. Time. Sasha is up first. And, as always, she's phenomenal to watch. She's absolutely my pick to win this thing.

Caitlynn flings herself around the stage and smiles a lot. I still love Caitlynn, but I think she might be going home. It doesn't help that Nigel is pretty obvious about his adoration of Sasha and Melanie. He might as well have held up a sign that said, "Don't bother voting for Caitlynn." But, truth told, as good as she is, I think she has a little ways to go to reach Sasha and Melanie, though I sometimes wish Nigel would just shut up. 

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