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Twitter changes course of 'The Amazing Race'

On Sunday night, the Emmy-winning “Amazing Race” kicked off the 19th season of its round-the-world reality TV competition, and thanks to an unexpected Twitter twist, two of the newest players are still in it to win it.

At first it seemed the race was over before it even began for Kaylani and Lisa. After all, Kaylani committed the very worst offense a globetrotter could — losing her passport before leaving the country. But rather than face disqualification, the pair benefited from the kindness of strangers with Twitter accounts.

First, Ryan Storms spotted the missing passport and tweeted the details.

“So #Thelife gets crazier,” he wrote. “So after being randomly filmed for ‘The Amazing Race,’ I see that one of them dropped (their) passport!!!”

Then, when another “Amazing Race” fan read the tweet, she urged the man to race to the airport himself and hand over the passport so the women could stay in the race. That’s just what he did.

It was a lucky break for the two contestants, but before the episode was over, everyone had a lucky break. As it turned out, the first leg of the race was a non-elimination leg.

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