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Twist! Don't Miss Fringe's Biggest Game Changer Ever

Attention Fringe fans: The glyphs are not just B.S.! The glyphs are not just B.S.!
/ Source: E!online

Attention Fringe fans: The glyphs are not just B.S.! The glyphs are not just B.S.!

Tonight's episode of Fringe features what may be the show's biggest turn since Walter's flashback Peternapping, and right after the big reveal at the end of the hour, one of Fringe's famous glyph codes flashes on the screen. Suddenly, with your newfound knowledge about where the episode is going, in addition to being part of an alphabetic cipher, one of the show's iconic visuals is revealed to symbolize something damn significant to the show.

So without explicitly spoiling the shocker, here's what Fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman were willing to tease to us fans about tonight's "Immortality" episode, which is set in Fauxlivia's world Over There:

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Show runner Pinkner teases, "There are at least two different kinds of parasites in the episode, only one of which is a bug."


As for the consequences of the big reveal, Pinkner tells us fans, "Based on the information revealed at the end of this episode, there will be consequences Over There, for Bolivia (Anna Torv), and certainly Walternate (John Noble), escalating the storytelling on that side...the two universes are kind of in disharmony. They're in a fractured balance, so anything that happens on one side, certainly for the duration of the design, will affect the other side, so the short answer to your question is that the information about what is happening Over There will get to our side relatively soon and will absolutely affect what's going on Over Here." Wyman adds, "[But] it will not unfold in a way that is traditional."

(The Fringe writers are always so tricksy!)

Pinkner adds, "The next time we tell a story on the other side this season, it will be very much a character-centric episode, and the threat will be specific to our characters. So it won't be the same [type of] independently acting bad guy; it will be more of a story that is driven by and affecting our characters, but within that there will be a very fascinating and eye-opening slash troubling matter of biology...which is a well we go back to all the time."

Excited? You should be!

Fringe airs Friday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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