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'Yellowjackets' Season 2: Everything we know

There are mysteries to solve.

This post contains spoilers for Season One of “Yellowjackets.”

If you were on social media at all in 2021, it was hard to escape talk of "Yellowjackets," a buzzy Showtime series that jumped between a 90's-era survival drama and a modern-day mystery. Halfway through the thrilling first season, Showtime confirmed that the show would be back for a second season.

And after much anticipation, Showtime released the Season Two official teaser trailer for the show on Friday, Jan. 13.

It looks like Natalie (Juliette Lewis) is still having problems overcoming the traumatic plane crash event that happened to her and her pals in Season One.

"Darkness, we brought it back with us," she's seen telling someone in the clip.

The show, which has been nominated for seven Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, is set to return to Showtime in March.

Here's everything we know about Season Two, including when to expect its release and what new stars will be joining the cast.

What will 'Yellowjackets' Season 2 be about?

Although not much is known about the storyline for Season Two, one thing is for certain: The girls are back. Lewis will star, along with Christina Ricci, who plays Misty, and Melanie Lynskey, who plays Shauna.

All three women were spotted in the teaser trailer for Season Two, looking disturbed about yet-to-be-revealed events.

"Do not cry about this, Misty," Ricci's character Misty tells herself in the clip while she sits down in the fetal position. "Babies cry." She proceeds to break into tears.

The full cast of "Yellowjackets." Brendan Meadows / SHOWTIME

Here's what to know about last season of 'Yellowjackets'

To catch you up, "Yellowjackets" takes place in two timelines. In 1996, the members of a girl's soccer team (the titular Yellowjackets) struggle to survive after their plane crashed in the remote wilderness on the way to a championship.

In the present day, some of those characters grapple with the trauma of their past, including what they did to survive in the year and a half they were stranded.

Viewers have also seen some eerie flashbacks that strongly imply things got weird out there in the woods.

101 - Pilot
An ominous still from the first episode of "Yellowjackets."Paul Sarkis / SHOWTIME

In the 1996 timeline, Shauna (Sophie Nèlisse) and her best friend Jackie (Ella Purnell) jockey for power in a toxic friendship. Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) finds herself falling for Travis (Kevin Alves), the son of the team's coach. Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and girlfriend Van (Liv Hewson) are determined to find help even as their relationship struggles. Meanwhile Misty (Samantha Hanratty), a social outcast, finds herself finally accepted and needed by her teammates because of her survival skills.

Throughout the season, quieter team member Lottie (Courtney Eaton) gathers a following among the girls that begins to resemble a cult. The show strongly implies that not all of the team members who survive the initial plane crash make it to the present timeline, but so far, the body count of the known characters has been pretty low.

102 - F Sharp
The teenage cast of "Yellowjackets" fights to survive after a plane crash.Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

In the present, Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) is a wife and mother living a pretty stereotypical suburban life before engaging in an affair with the mysterious Adam (Peter Gadiot). Meanwhile, Natalie (Juliette Lewis) is struggling with substance use and the trauma of the team's time in the woods while investigating Travis' mysterious death. Taissa (Tawny Cypress) is a politician willing to do anything to win a campaign. Misty (Christina Ricci), remains unnerving and isolated, now a nurse who just wants to be friends with the Yellowjackets.

The four find themselves reunited due to a series of anonymous notes and strange activities that seem to hint that someone knows what they did.

Melanie Lynskey as Shauna, Tawny Cypress as Taissa, Juliette Lewis as Natalie and Christina Ricci as Misty in "Yellowjackets."
Melanie Lynskey as Shauna, Tawny Cypress as Taissa, Juliette Lewis as Natalie and Christina Ricci as Misty in "Yellowjackets."Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

Remind me: How did Season 1 of 'Yellowjackets' end?

The final episode of Season One of "Yellowjackets" was twisty, thrilling and emotional.

In the 1996 timeline, the tide finally turned against former Queen Bee Jackie and she was made to spend the night sleeping outside. That night, she froze to death when winter arrived to the woods, blanketing the ground in snow.

107 - No Compass
Ella Purnell as Jackie in "Yellowjackets."Kailey Schwerman / SHOWTIME

Meanwhile, in the present, the core four characters attended their high school reunion and found themselves the object of speculation and questions. In the final moments of the season, we see Natalie seemingly kidnapped by a large, mysterious group of people.

While there's new questions abounding, the finale saw some major questions answered, such as what happened to Taissa's dog (she killed him and ... built a shrine in her basement?) and if Adam is who he proclaimed to be (for the most part, yes). Despite the answers we have, there are still major questions remaining, such as:

101 - Pilot
An ominous still from the first episode of "Yellowjackets" hints at strange happenings in the woods.Paul Sarkis / SHOWTIME
  • Who is the 'Antler Queen'? This mysterious figure was first seen in a flashback that opened the series. Many are theorizing that the spooky leader is Lottie, but "Yellowjackets" has played coy on this point.
  • What happened to Travis? While Travis' death looked like a suicide, Natalie's investigation has turned up some strange details, like his money having been stolen, leading her — and viewers — to wonder if it was murder.
  • What is that mysterious symbol? A strange symbol of what appears to be a human figurine has followed our characters throughout the season: It's been seen in the cabin that the Yellowjackets are living out of in the woods, on Taissa's shrine, and on the necklaces worn by the people who kidnapped Natalie.

Who will join the 'Yellowjackets' cast in Season 2?

So far, "Yellowjackets" has announced a bevy of new faces for Season Two and among them are Nicole Maines, whose known for her role in "Supergirl," François Arnaud, who made an impact in “The Borgias," and Nia Sondaya, who stood out in “Truth Be Told," per Variety.

However, there are also three new faces who appear to greatly impact the storyline in Season Two and those are:

Lauren Ambrose, Elijah Wood, Simone Kessell
Lauren Ambrose, Elijah Wood and Simone Kessell will all be new faces in the present-day "Yellowjackets" timeline.Getty Images
  • Simone Kessell, previously seen in the Disney+ series "Obi-Wan Kenobi," will join the show as present-day Lottie, giving further credence to theories that she may be behind the group that kidnapped Natalie in the finale.
  • Lauren Ambrose will play present-day Van. While many thought the character would die from injuries sustained in the woods, the casting of the "Six Feet Under" star confirms there's more to her story.
  • Elijah Wood, of "Lord of the Rings" fame, will join the cast as a new character, Walter. We don't know much about him yet, but Deadline described his role as "a dedicated citizen detective who will challenge Misty in ways she won’t see coming" in the present-day timeline.

When does Season 2 premiere?

Season Two of "Yellowjackets" will be back in the spring of 2023. Fans will be able to stream the new season on SHOWTIME starting March 24.