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'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry is bringing his psychic powers to a new Netflix series

On "Life After Death With Tyler Henry," the clairvoyant medium connects with people from his 300,000-person waiting list.
/ Source: TODAY

You don't need psychic abilities to know that Tyler Henry is returning to TV. The renowned clairvoyant medium first rose to fame the age of 19 with the E! show, "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry," in which he helped celebrities — including the Kardashians, Chrissy Metz and RuPaul — connect with loved ones that had died.

Now, the 26-year-old is at the helm of a new series that delves into the paranormal. In "Life After to Death With Tyler Henry," out on Netflix on March 11, Henry uses his abilities to help a few the individuals on his waiting list — which, according to the series, is 300,000 people long.

Ahead of the premiere, Henry visited TODAY to discuss his process with Hoda and Jenna and to demonstrate his psychic abilities in real time.

During a prior appearance on TODAY, Henry successfully predicted that Jenna and her husband, Henry Hager, would have a son — and they welcomed baby Hal in 2019. This visit, Henry delivered messages from Jenna’s four grandparents (who are the focus of her memoir). Jenna called it "the most healing conversation."

Here's what to know about the show's star and how he delivers his messages.

Who is Tyler Henry?

Henry learned he had a 'gift' when he was just 10 years old

Henry's psychic coming-of-age story began when he was a 10-year-old boy in California. He couldn't shake the feeling that his grandmother was going to die. Before he could communicate what he had felt to his mom, Henry's father called with the news that Henry's grandmother had passed away.

“That was really the catalyst. But at 10 years old when something is happening, you don’t call it a premonition. It took some time to really understand what was happening,” he said in an interview with the Asbury Park Press. “I still don’t entirely understand.”

He compares his psychic readings to daydreaming

The bulk of “Life After Death with Tyler Henry” follows Henry tapping into his psychic abilities. During the readings, Henry frequently sweats, sketches on a pad, and touches parts of his body.

But what actually goes on in Henry’s read during those readings? On the TODAY, Henry answered that precise question.

who is tyler henry
Tyler Henry.Tyler Golden / Netflix

“It’s really an immersive process. When I do a reading, I always say my sixth sense uses my other five senses to come through. So they're impressions, they’re very subtle. I’ve trained myself to actively daydream. It’s allowed me to take note of these feelings, when interpreted correctly, can be validating for the person I’m reading,” Tyler said.

Calling the readings “invigorating,” Henry said he finds the process fulfilling, if a bit tiring. “When I get those validations of coming up with things there’s no way I could’ve known up with other means, that makes it worth it. It’s really why I do what I do,” Tyler said.

Henry's mom is heavily featured on the show

Whereas "Hollywood Medium" focused mainly on Henry's readings, Henry will get personal on his new Netflix show. Specifically, the show will explore his relationship with his mom, Theresa Koelewyn.

"It sounds stereotypical, but my mom is my best friend. My mom gets me, I get her — we're beyond the point of cordiality," Henry explained on the show.

Over the 9-episode series, Henry helps Koelewyn unravel a mystery from her past. After a DNA test taken in 2019, Koelewyn learned she wasn't biologically related to the people who raised her. "We were stunned. We were in complete shock. It seems like on every level here, there's mystery," Henry said in the show.

"It sounds stereotypical, but my mom is my best friend," Henry said.
"It sounds stereotypical, but my mom is my best friend," Henry said.Tyler Golden / Netflix

Does Henry have a partner?

Henry has been with his partner, photographer Clint Godwin, for over five years. For their fifth anniversary, Henry summarized their relationship in an Instagram post: "5 years with my someone who makes it feel like the blink of an eye."

On "Life After Death with Tyler Henry," Henry explained their very 21st century meet-cute. "He would tell a different story, but he Tweeted me. He slid into those DMs," Henry said.

Henry with his partner, Clint Godwin, and their dog, Nanci.
Henry with his partner, Clint Godwin, and their dog, Nanci.Tyler Golden / Netflix

Godwin is originally from rural Georgia. "Coming from a small town in the middle of Georgia, he really wanted someone to relate to. I just had an immediate connection with him," Henry said.

Together, they have a dog named Nanci. No word on whether she inherited her dad's ability to commune with the great beyond.

Interested in a reading? Sign up on Henry's website

The waiting list to book a private reading with Henry located on his website.

But if you're not patient enough to wait in a 300,000 person line, hear directly from Henry in his new book, "Here & Hereafter." In it, Henry shares wisdom from a life spent between realms. Or, catch Henry in one of his in-person tours.