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Who is Peter Park on 'FBoy Island'? The fan favorite returned for Season 2

Park says he's a "reformed" player. Is that the case?
Cortez Vernon

The first episode of Season 2 of "FBoy Island" on HBO Max had its share of surprises, as is expected for a dating show.

Chief among them is that Peter Park, a model and contestant from Season 1, returned to the show's Cayman Islands setting to win over leads Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard and Tamaris Sepulveda.

However, Park's intentions are far from clear. Has he entered the show as a "nice guy," meaning that he genuinely wants to form a connection with one of the leading ladies?

Or, did he enter the show under the designation of "FBoy" like he did Season 1, meaning that he plans on deceiving the woman for a cash prize?

There's money at stake. If a “nice guy” is chosen at the end of the show, he split a $100,000 cash prize with the woman who picks him. If an "FBoy" is picked, he can take the money and run.

When he appears on "FBoy Island," Park's history on the show is top of mind. As he forms a connection with Jones, she wonders: Has he really changed from last season? Here's what you need to know about Park.

Park was eliminated on the first episode of 'Fboy Island' Season 1

Park's elimination came down to a joke gone awry. While speaking to lead CJ Franco, Park asked what she liked to do for fun. She replied "napping," and he responded, "Well, maybe we could sleep together sometime.” Franco got a bad

Speaking to Men's Health, host Nikki Glaser said she was "devastated" when Park was "went first" for a "joke (she) thought was hilarious."

He originally entered the show as an 'FBoy'

During the elimination process, Park revealed he entered the show as an "Fboy," not as a "nice guy." Park spent the rest of his time in Limbro, the hut where the eliminated Fboys hang out.

Peter Park in "Limbro" on Season 1 of "FBoy Island."
Peter Park in "Limbro" on Season 1 of "FBoy Island."julie corsetti

In Season 2, he says he's changed

Lead Mia Emani Jones is immediately drawn to Park. He swears that he's a "nice guy" this time around – but she'll only know when he's either eliminated or chosen to win her heart.

Park works as a model and has had other odd jobs — including childcare

On the show, Park's profession is listed as a "childcare influencer." This is not quite the case. As he explains to CheatSheet, Park worked as a daycare teacher for three-and-a-half years.

He also works as a massage therapist and a model. "I don’t know where they got the influencer from because I never told them that. Maybe they went on my Tiktok, or my Instagram, and said, ‘You know what? We’re going to go ahead and put childcare/influencer for Peter," Park speculated to CheatSheet.

Here's his official bio from Season 1

In 2021, People debuted the official bios for each contestant. Peter's read as follows: "Peter enjoys spending time with his mother and friends, going on nature hikes, playing basketball, traveling, working out, trying different foods and, most importantly, taking power naps."

In case you're curious, this is his zodiac sign

The "FBoy Island" official Instagram revealed that Park is an Aries.

Hear what he has to say on Instagram — and maybe find out if he and Mia Emani Jones are still together

Park posts under the handle @thekoreanpapi. As Season 2 of "FBoy Island" unfolds, we'll be tuning in to see if Jones appears on his feed, indicating their relationship continued after the show.