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Who is Erich Schwer on 'The Bachelorette'?

The 29-year-old real estate analyst has captured Gabby Windey’s attention: “I would give anything to be loved by someone like Erich."
/ Source: TODAY

After four episodes of “The Bachelorette,” Gabriela “Gabby” Windey and Rachel Recchia already have a few favorites that are clearly sticking around for a long time, like Nate Mitchell and Tino Franco.

During episode three, the contestants were separated into “Team Gabby” and “Team Rachel” to determine who would pursue each woman. For some suitors, like Erich Schwer, the choice was obvious.

Schwer, a 29-year-old real estate analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey, had a connection with Windey from the first night. The two shared a few kisses after bonding over his mullet and her hair extensions. 

He then received Windey’s second one-on-one date of the season which included a special appearance from the ICU nurse’s hilarious and lovable Grandpa John

Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer on Season 19 of ABC's "The Bachelorette."
Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer on Season 19 of ABC's "The Bachelorette."Craig Sjodin / ABC

After the date, Windey gave Schwer the rose. She sobbed as she told the camera, “I would give anything to be loved by someone like Erich.” 

Although she quickly developed strong feelings for Schwer, viewers did not learn a lot about him on their date.

To help you better understand one of Windey’s frontrunners, here’s a run-down of everything you need to know about the man singlehandely bringing the mullet back in style. 

He’s ready for marriage

Schwer’s ABC cast bio repeatedly mentioned that he “is looking for the real deal” and takes commitment seriously. 

“When it comes to relationships, Erich acts with intention and is looking for the real deal,” the bio said. “He doesn’t want to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship and says that the next time he commits, it’s for the long haul.”

The bio also described Schwer as a man with “quiet confidence” who is funny and likes the outdoors. In that way, he matches up with Windey: She went hiking with Clayton Echard on the last season of “The Bachelor” and she is constantly receiving compliments from the contestants for her sense of humor.

Schwers' comedic skills are on full display in his Instagram captions. After he was announced as a cast member, he wrote, “Tune in to see if a man and his mullet can find love!” next to his “Bachelorette” photo. 

Family is important to him

During his one-on-one date with Windey, Schwer opened up about his parents’ relationship.

He recalled his mom saying she would “always fight” for his dad “no matter what.” 

Schwer described his dad as “this larger-than-life big personality” and his mom as “the hardest working person” he has ever met.

He said his parents are “soulmates.”  The real estate analyst then added, “They’re just like the best team that I’ve ever seen and I know it’s a lot to ask for — but that’s what I want.” 

Just two days before Season 19 of “The Bachelorette” premiered, Schwer posted about the death of his father on Instagram.

Next to a photo from his parent’s wedding, he wrote, “Thankful for everything you’ve done for me. We are gonna miss the hell out of you Big AL. I love you so much dad.” 

He rides a motorcycle

Schwer has shared a couple photos on Instagram of him cruising around on his motorcycle.

“You almost made me drop my croissant,” he captioned one picture that showed him pausing on the side of the road. 

If he makes it to hometown week, maybe we’ll see him take Windey around his hometown of Bedminster on his motorcycle. 

Schwer grew up in Bedminster, New Jersey but now lives in L.A.

Schwer instantly bonded with Windey’s grandfather on their date about their shared geography.

While cruising down a California road, Schwer revealed that he had recently moved to the Golden State, after growing up in New Jersey.

“You should come hang out with me in Santa Monica,” he told Grandpa John, adding that there were plenty of beaches in the city.

Grandpa John then jokingly asked, “Good looking chicks?” as Windey laughed. 

After the episode aired, Schwer uploaded a picture of him, Windey and Grandpa John on their date.

He referenced “The Hangover” in his caption and said, “We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.”