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Why fans think Tanya's life is in danger in 'The White Lotus'

The theory has to do with the American cowboy Quentin was once in love with.
/ Source: TODAY

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The White Lotus.”

Season Two of "The White Lotus" is coming to an end, and fans are theorizing that Tanya may be one of the characters that ends up in a body bag by the end of the week in Sicily.

Tanya, portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge, is the one of two characters to return from the show's first season, and comes to the Sicilian resort married to Greg (Jon Gries), a man she met at the Hawaiian "White Lotus" hotel in Season One.

Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt in "The White Lotus."
Tanya before she sets off on her perfect day in Sicily. Pictured: Jennifer Coolidge.HBO

But they're hardly together this season. Not long into their vacation, Greg takes off for a work trip to Denver, blaming Tanya for his need to work: She wouldn't sign a pre-nup.

Tanya reminds Greg he was the one who wanted to come to the Sicilian resort. "You insisted that we come to Sicily and have this romantic week," Tanya tells Greg in tears.

Greg leaves anyway and Tanya falls into despair — one not alleviated from a visit from the local tarot card reader.

What buoys Tanya is the arrival of a new, supposedly rich character, Quentin (Tom Hollander), who starts smiling at Tanya from across the hotel and eventually invites her on his yacht.

By Episode Five, Quentin has whisked Tanya, her assistant, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), and his nephew, Jack (Leo Woodall), on a day trip to Palermo. Quentin takes Tanya to the opera, while Portia and Jack have a night on the town.

Quentin kisses Tanya on the cheek.
Quentin kisses Tanya on the cheek.HBO

After watching a performance of "Madama Butterfly," an opera in which the main character dies by suicide, Quentin reveals he has only been in love once, with a straight cowboy he met in Wyoming.

"I’d have done anything for him," Quentin tells Tanya. "And the amazing thing is after 30 odd years, I still would."

Fans are speculating that Tanya's husband Greg is that same cowboy, and that Quentin is the person Greg is making the secret, late-night phone calls to before his departure — all part of a plot to do away with Tanya to get to her fortune. Besides, how else would Quentin know to swoop in immediately after Greg leaves?

A Reddit user noted that while Quentin was reminiscing about the one person he ever loved after the opera, he was smoking Marlboro Reds, which have famously been nicknamed "cowboy killers."

The user noted the pack of cigarettes could be a red herring, but speculated that Quentin could have killed the cowboy, or is working alongside a cowboy to commit a murder.

Other social media users are theorizing that Greg and Quentin could be working to frame Tanya's death as a suicide, as referenced by the protagonist of "Madama Butterfly," who takes her own life.

But mostly, a lot of social media sleuths are thinking Quentin wants Tanya out of the picture, whether it's for love for for the money.

Haley Lu Richardson as Portia and Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid in "The White Lotus."
Tanya has breakfast with her assistant Portia after Greg left the hotel for a last-minute work trip.Fabio Lovino / HBO

And as for Jack's role in all of this? Redditors have theorized he's in on the plot to keep Portia away from Tanya, so she can't stay as close as Tanya requested.

And as the jaw-dropping ending of Episode Five suggests, he may not even be Quentin's nephew at all (or at least, we hope not).

Social media users haven't stopped the theories at Tanya — they've noticed that Daphne (Meghann Fahy) may have dropped a huge bombshell about who the father of her children really is, and also discovered the hidden meaning behind the statues scattered all around the hotel.

Now there's just two episodes left, and everyone just wants to know: Who ends up dead?