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‘White Lotus’ fans think Daphne gave away a major secret about her kids

Wait, she did what with the trainer?

It was a "blink and you'll miss it" kind of moment. An interaction you might've glazed over if you were half-watching, half-looking at your phone.

But in Episode Five of "The White Lotus's" second season, Daphne (Meghann Fahy) gave away a major secret about her marriage to Cameron (Theo James) through a simple, subtle hint about her trainer.

As Harper (Audrey Plaza) predicted, things aren't as perfect as they might seem in their Instagram pictures from their Sicily trip.

There are a few inches between Daphne and Cameron and yet a million miles. Pictured: Meghann Fahy and Theo James.
There are a few inches between Daphne and Cameron and yet a million miles. Pictured: Meghann Fahy and Theo James.HBO

By this point in the show, Harper knows a bit about the secrets at the edges of their marriage (or, actually, make that the center). She knows that Daphne deliberately plays " games" with Cameron — like booking a last-minute overnighter without him on their vacation.

She also knows that Cameron slept with sex workers while she and Daphne were away (and that Cameron has been putting the moves on her, too).

So, yeah: Secrets.

And in Episode Five, Daphne lets her in on the biggest of them all.

So, uh, what's Daphne's secret and what does it have to do with a trainer?

Let's set the scene. Harper, in a state of distress, tells Daphne that "something happened" the night they were away from their husbands — they were, she implies, unfaithful.

Daphne is oddly serene, a contrast to Harper's nervousness. "I'm sure whatever happened, it's not a big deal," Harper says. "And if anything ever did happen, just ... do what you have to do to make yourself fell better about it."

Without saying as much, Daphne implies that she knows Cameron cheats on her, and she "does what she has to do" to make herself feel better about it.

And here, dear friends, is what Daphne does. She visits her trainer in the city (just wait, there's more).

"He's so handsome. He has blond hair and these big blue eyes. He's really funny too. I spend more time with him than Cameron sometime because he's so busy at work. He's such a cutie," Daphne says.

She asks Harper if she wants to see a picture of Lawrence. Daphne carefully scrolls through. But when she tosses over her iPhone, a photo of her two sons shows up — including a little boy with blond hair and blue eyes. A "cutie," you could say.

"This is just a picture of your kids," Harper says, with a level of unease in her voice.

"Is it?" Daphne says, flatly surprised, then saying she'll find the picture later. "Anyway, the point is ... maybe you should get a trainer."

"Get a trainer," in Daphne speak, means: Get a secret. Get an outlet. Get a part of your life that Ethan doesn't know about.

Us wondering about whether Daphne and Lawrence had a kid.
Us wondering about whether Daphne and Lawrence had a kid.HBO

Um, is Daphne's trainer Lawrence the father of her kid?

It is strongly implied, but not confirmed, that Lawrence the trainer is the father of Daphne's eldest son, if not the youngest.

For one, the blue-eyed bow matches Lawrence's physical description better than Cameron does, who has brown hair and blue eyes. Just like Rhaenyra on "House of the Dragon," fans were zooming in on her kids' appearances.

Putnam squares aside, Daphne picked that photo on purpose, and she's not sorry.

Here's what Meghann Fahy has to say about it

Fahy, speaking to Elle, said there are "a lot of ways" a viewer could take the conversation with Harper, which she described as being "really dark."

"And I think one of those ways is you could wonder if Daphne’s suggesting that her child is her trainer’s child and not her husband’s ... There are so many layers to her that I think you couldn’t count it out. I don’t know that it’s 100 percent percent the truth, I can’t say that it is because Mike didn’t even tell me if that was. But I think there is a world in which that is the case.’

Say she did know. This scene could have implications for the rest of her character and her potential involvement in the show's signature murder. Online, fans are zooming in on this scene — and Daphne's expression — to joke that she's capable of anything.

If Daphne can be so casually calculating about her marriage, then what about the first scene, where she stumbles upon the body in the water? She seems shocked, but Daphne is also a person who can say shocking things with a smile. She's a good actor – and, as this scene shows, she's sharp.