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Leo Woodall unpacks Jack's drunken confession in 'The White Lotus'

"There will be clarification in the next episode," Woodall tells
/ Source: TODAY

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The White Lotus.”

It's about time someone gets drunk enough to confess to the games they're really playing in Season Two of "The White Lotus."

By the end of Episode Six, Jack, played by Leo Woodall, is blackout drunk in a hotel room after spending the day in Cefalù with Portia (Haley Lu Richardson). Lying in bed, he begins rambling about how his supposed uncle Quentin (Tom Hollander) actually doesn't have as much money as he claims.

Woodall tells that when he was preparing for the scene and reading the script, his first thought was, "What am I talking about?"

Haley Lu Richardson as Portia, Leo Woodall as Jack in "The White Lotus."
Portia and Jack spend the day together in Cefalù.Stefano Delia / HBO

"It was a lot of words and not a lot of clarification," he says, laughing. "I think it is supposed to be a drunken ramble where he says things he shouldn't say. There will be clarification in the next episode."

In Jack's drunken monologue, he continues to say Quentin was going to have to sell his family's villa because he had run out of money.

"You're family too though ... right?" Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) cautiously tries to clarify, following an ominous warning from Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) about her take on the "uncle" and "nephew's" actual relations earlier in the episode, after what she had stumbled on the night before.

Jack and Portia start a whirlwind romance in the middle of her Sicilian vacation.
Jack and Portia start a whirlwind romance in the middle of her Sicilian vacation.HBO

"Because he's your uncle ... right?" Portia continues.

Jack offers a non-answer, leaving viewers especially questioning if the two are actually related, considering the jaw-dropping end of Episode Five, in which Tanya finds Jack and Quentin having sex in the middle of the night.

"We were both a bit a bit nervous," Woodall says of the scene in the fifth episode. "I was like, 'This is gonna be wacky.' It's one of the big shock moments of the series, so we were both really pleased and proud to be to be part of that."

Woodall explains that before filming the now-infamous scene, they filmed portions of Episode Six in the same villa. He recalls the show's creator, Mike White, coming over to him and sitting on the bed.

"(White) was like, 'How are you feeling? Are you nervous?' And I went, 'Yeah, I'm a little nervous," Woodall says with a grin. "He just laughed and said, 'Nah, it's gonna be great."

Woodall says the set was closed off, and there were only a handful of people on set while filming the scene — himself, Hollander, White, intimacy coordinator Miriam Lucia and "one poor boom guy."

"He would kind of look, but not look, because he couldn't get the boom in the shot," Woodall laughs. "It was fun. It was definitely, you know, a new experience. But it was fun."

"Because he's your uncle ... right?" Portia asks Jack in the middle of his drunken chatter.
"Because he's your uncle ... right?" Portia asks Jack in the middle of his drunken chatter.HBO

Jack's drunken hotel room confession to turns finances when Portia asks Jack to explain why Quentin doesn't have to sell the house anymore.

"Well, he's coming into money now isn't he?" Jack replies. "And he's going to help his friends, because he's very giving. I'm just happy I get to help him now."

Portia asks how, exactly, Jack is helping him, and Jack reveals he was in a "f------ deep hole" when he met Quentin, raising doubt about when the alleged uncle and nephew really met. "Sometimes you do things you don't want to do," he adds, before passing out.

Woodall shared that the hotel room confessional was his last scene he filmed with Richardson for the show. "It was special — it was the last scene on what was the best job ever," he says. "It was bittersweet."

And while Jack says a lot in his monologue, he definitively confirms little, but all signs seem to point toward a lot of danger surrounding Tanya.

Fans have theorized that Jack and Quentin are in on a plot to kill Tanya to get to her fortune, along with her husband Greg. Greg and Quentin who appear know each other, according to a photo of the pair Tanya finds near the end of the episode, seemingly confirming the online theory that Greg is the cowboy that Quentin met 30 years ago, and is his one true love.

Woodall tells he hasn't been keeping up with fan theories online, but he's having to work on his poker face as more people share their guesses in real life for how the season will end.

"I haven’t kept up much on online with that stuff," he says. "And I don’t have Twitter. I did go on Twitter once and I was like, 'Wow.' I got off it pretty quickly."

"My brother told me a couple (theories)," Woodall continues. "It's really hard when he tells me a theory and then just looks at me for a tell. I keep my poker face. I'm not gonna lie, I kept it very, very well for the Episode Five shock."

He shares he didn't tell "a single soul" about the scene, even though it was filmed eight months ago.

"I just thought there's no point in telling someone when they can just watch it," he says. "My poker face was pretty good for that. I think it's getting worse though. (The) more theories people keep telling me, the more I have to like, react to them."

Woodall promises answers next episode.
Woodall promises answers next episode.HBO

And as for who dies at the end of the final episode? Woodall plays it cool while saying it is "definitely shocking."

"The man (Mike White) knows how to shock people and keep everyone guessing," he says. "I was quite sad that I couldn't read further and keep going. I think that's there is definitely a withdrawal once 'Lotus' finishes — I had it with Season One after watching it and I had it with Season Two after reading it."

Woodall says he is nervous to start any new acting job, so "The White Lotus" was no different, but he was most nervous on the first day of filming in Sicily.

"I was just so, almost shell-shocked by the luck that had just come my way, getting this job," he says. "I was so excited and so proud that the nerves were definitely there."

"But I was also like, I have the most amazing thing, so I wasn't gonna let nerves get in the way of anything," he continues. "I was just gonna enjoy it. And everyone was so, so wonderful."

Woodall describes Richardson as “wonderfully weird.”
Woodall describes Richardson as “wonderfully weird.” Fabio Lovino/HBO / HBO

Woodall describes his on-stage partner Richardson as “wonderfully weird” and says working with the iconic Coolidge "feels like a gift." "She puts the cool in Coolidge," he says.

But if fans are correct, it could be nearing the end for Tanya — or anyone else. Harper and Ethan's relationship is growing more strained, and Cameron and Daphne are continuing to play games with each other.

Something even more serious could come up after the standoff between Lucia, Alessio, Albie and Dominic, or Valentina could finally blow up at her hotel employees following her night with Mia.

Episode Seven, the final episode of Season Two of "The White Lotus," premieres at 9 p.m. on Dec. 11 on HBO.