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'Vanderpump Rules' recap: Ariana Madix goes head-to-head with Raquel Leviss’ ex in latest episode

Madix spars with James Kennedy as sparks fly between Leviss and Tom Schwartz.
/ Source: TODAY

“Vanderpump Rules” fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see the cheating scandal involving Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss play out on air.

But the reality show's latest episode, entitled "By Invitation Only," still serves up plenty of drama as Madix goes head-to-head with Leviss' ex-fiancé, James Kennedy.

The episode centers around Scheana Shay's upcoming wedding and features a surprise bridal shower thrown by Lisa Vanderpump. During the soirée, Lala Kent asks Kennedy if he thinks his girlfriend Ally Lewber isn't invited to Shay's wedding because Raquel is a bridesmaid.

"I wonder if she's not invited because maybe Raquel doesn't want her (there)," Kent says.

"Obviously... I will say, it is a complete out of body experience having to be around my ex-fiancée all the time," he says.

Kennedy eventually convinces Shay to invite his girlfriend, even though Lewber confesses in an interview that she never thought it was a big deal that she wasn't invited since she's new to the group.

Meanwhile, the flirtation between Leviss and Sandoval's best friend and business partner, Tom Schwartz, builds — leaving Kennedy a bit annoyed.

“Why are you flirting with Raquel right in front of me? You look f------ absurd, mate. You look desperate and absurd,” he says in a confessional.

Leviss is clearly enjoying herself though, and in a confessional, she says she's glad that she and Schwartz have gotten "tight."

“Who knows, maybe we’ll be even tighter in the future," she says.

The group then travels to Mexico for Shay's wedding, and Madix seems to be excited for some alone time with Sandoval. But as the larger group gets together for dinner, Kennedy brings up the fact that he almost got into a fight with one of Shay's wedding guests while they were traveling.

"It was just s----, the whole thing was s----," Madix says when he mentions it.

The guest was a friend of Shay's fiancé and allegedly gave Kennedy a drunken hug. Then, according to Kent, Kennedy "body checked him hard."

Madix turns to Sandoval and says, “Two seconds after I sit down, I’m being berated about the situation just because I don’t want there to be a fight."

Kennedy questions what Madix said to her boyfriend and claims he's not berating her.

"Yeah, you need to chill," Lewber tells Kennedy.

As other members of the crew weigh in on the argument, the scene shifts to a confessional interview with Leviss.

"Watching Ally cringe with embarrassment over how James is acting right now makes me so happy that that is not me anymore," she says about her ex.

Back at dinner, Kent gets involved in a heated exchange with Kennedy, who then tells Madix she should be on his side.

"I'm on the side of not wanting there to be a f------ fight. Period," Madix replies.

But Kennedy won’t let it go. Madix suddenly raises her voice and screams, “I don’t like him doing it, and I don’t like you doing it, OK?”

Kennedy is taken aback and says, "Way to raise your voice."

“I will raise my voice because when I talk at a normal volume, you don’t f------ listen to me and I’ve had enough. I’m done!” Madix says.

Lewber reacts to the awkward situation in a confessional interview before the episode ends with a "to be continued."

“I cannot sit here and watch James act like this," Lewber says. "It’s making me question everything. Why am I in Mexico and who is this person that I’m dating?”