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'Vanderpump Rules' trailer shows Jax Taylor’s fiery return as he confronts Tom Sandoval

Get ready for more fights and romance.
/ Source: TODAY

Much like Season 10, the second half of "Vanderpump Rules" Season 11 is about to bring the drama.

The Bravo show just unveiled a midseason trailer for the remaining episodes of Season 11, and fans can expect the return of a former star and a love triangle in the weeks to come.

So far, Season 11 has followed Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval's breakup and their attempts to avoid each other after the "Scandoval" cheating incident.

It's a topic that comes up right away in the midseason trailer as Ariana sits down for a meal with Tom Schwartz and several other castmates. During the encounter, Tom Schwartz defends his close friend.

“He’s not a trash person. He’s a good person who did a trash thing,” he says.

“A trash thing?” Ariana replies.

“A lot of things,” Tom Schwartz adds.

While talking on FaceTime to her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, Ariana then jokingly references her living situation with Tom Sandoval, saying, “I hear footsteps. I’m scared.”

Ariana and Tom Sandoval have been living in the same house since their split and have had the help of an assistant so they avoid interacting with each other.

Viewers will get to know Daniel more during the latter half of the season, and Lala Kent asks him a very important question in one scene from the trailer.

"If Ariana's ex were to come up and be like, 'Hey dude, I'm Sandoval.' What would you do?" she asks.

"I know what he's done," he replies.

Later in the trailer, Tom Sandoval tries to steal a moment with his ex at a fancy event, but she wants nothing to do with him.

“He wants 30 seconds with the audience. He doesn’t give a f--- if I f------ died in a ditch,” she says.

Meanwhile, Tom Sandoval turns to Lala, Scheana Shay and Tom Schwartz and says, “Ariana, she f------ talks s--- about all you f------.”

It's clear that the group is struggling with the fallout of Ariana and Tom Sandoval's breakup. At one point in the trailer, Scheana tells Tom Sandoval how his infidelity has made her question her own marriage to her husband, Brock Davies.

“I now have f----- up thoughts about Brock and Lala, one of my best friends, because I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, could someone do that to me?’ You did that!” she says.

Scheana even tells Brock she doesn't think they'll be together "forever" in an emotional moment.

While talking privately with Tom Sandoval, Scheana questions if his attempts to repair their friendship are genuine or if he's doing it for the camera.

"So what do I mean to you?" she asks.

"You mean a lot," he replies.

"Because we’re filming or because of life?" she responds.

Meanwhile, "Vanderpump Rules" alum Jax Taylor, who will soon star on the "VPR" spinoff "The Valley," returns to the show and sits down for a tense conversation with Sandoval.

"You've been relentlessly talking s--- about me," Tom Sandoval says.

"The whole world has talked s--- about you, the whole entire world," Jax replies.

The trailer also hints at a new love triangle, this time with exes Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney and a woman named Tori Keeth.

"Me and Katie are closer than ever right now. I mean, we’re dating the same girl," Tom Schwartz says in one scene.

Elsewhere, Katie shares her own opinion on the status of her relationship with her ex-husband.

"Tom's going to wake up and realize that I was the one that got away," she says.

Tom Schwartz seems to be at a crossroads in the latter half of the season as he attempts to defend Tom Sandoval, who also asks him if he'd consider moving in with him. Tom Schwartz even attempts to ask his ex-wife for a "one-night stand."

The trailer also gives a nod to Lala's fertility journey and hints that James Kennedy may be interested in having babies with his girlfriend Ally Lewber, who doesn't seem to be on the same page.