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10 Valentine’s Day episodes of popular shows to watch this time of year

Rewatch these classic episodes from shows like "The Office," "Parks and Recreation” and “Friends."

Whether a romantic reservation on the calendar or a relaxing night in, the best parts of Cupid’s holiday (besides the chocolates, of course) are the classic Valentine’s Day-themed TV episodes that will warm your heart and keep you red with laughter.    

Grab the bonbons and a cozy blanket: Here are the episodes you are fated to fall in love with and where to stream them, featuring shows like “Parks and Recreation,” “Friends” and “The Simpsons.”  

Parks and Recreation - Season 2
Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope and Pamela Reed as Marlene Knope celebrate "Galentine's Day" on "Parks and Recreation."NBC

Parks and Recreation' (Season 2, Episode 16: 'Galentine’s Day')

You know it’s a cultural classic when this episode added a word to the dictionary.

Leslie Knope brings her closest gals together for a luncheon where she bestows a 5,000-word personalized essay on why each of them are “so awesome.” While Tom tries to blackmail his ex-wife using an alimony lawsuit, Ann and Leslie’s flames dies out with their boyfriends. An episode marked more by powerful friendship than romanticism, Galentine’s Day rebranded what Valentine’s Day can be with a cheers to female companionship.

Where to watch: Peacock

Claire and Phil Dunphy spice up their Valentine's Day on "Modern Family."
Claire and Phil Dunphy spice up their Valentine's Day on "Modern Family."NBC

'Modern Family' (Season 1, Episode 15: 'My Funky Valentine')

If you want to spice it up a little, say goodbye to boring-old Phil and Claire Dunphy and hello to the charming and elusive Clive Bixby and Julianna. The couple roleplays at a spritzy hotel bar while Mitchell and Cam do what they do best and meddle. Jay gets offended by a stand-up comedian who pokes fun at the age gap between him and Gloria and the two end up running into Phil and Claire in a less-than-romantic elevator mishap.

Where to watch: Peacock, Hulu

Phoebe and Rachel school Ross in the art of Unagi on "Friends."
Phoebe and Rachel school Ross in the art of Unagi on "Friends."NBC

'Friends' (Season 6, Episode 17: 'The One with Unagi')

The worst Valentine’s Days are the ones forgotten until the last minute. In a last-ditch effort to get Monica a “homemade” gift, Chandler gives her a cassette tape he claims to have made for her, but was actually a recycled gift from his ex-girlfriend Janice — Oh. My. God. Joey hires a look-alike to participate in scientific research and Phoebe and Rachel school Ross in the art of Unagi.

Where to watch: HBO Max

"Silly Love Songs" was a standout "Glee" episode.
"Silly Love Songs" was a standout "Glee" episode.Fox

'Glee' (Season 2, Episode 12: 'Silly Love Songs')

Ever think you would hear “Fat Bottomed Girls,” Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T,” and Katy Perry’s “Firework” in the same episode? Look no further. Even more outrageous, Finn Hudson sets up a kissing booth as a ploy to get back with his ex-girlfriend Quinn while Santana conspires mono sabotage on the club members. A drama-filled high school escapade with heart-felt hits.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

30 Rock
Jon Bon Jovi appeared on the "30 Rock" episode "Anna Howard Shaw Day."NBC

'30 Rock' (Season 4, Episode 13: 'Anna Howard Shaw Day')

Liz Lemon is all of us … if we all were head writers of a network sketch comedy show. But even Liz may have gone too far when she purposely plans root canal surgery on Valentine’s Day to avoid being lonely. While hallucinating an ex-boyfriends line up after surgery, Jack Donaghy is falling for Avery Jessup, conservative "The Hot Box" commentator. All the while, Jenna Maroney starts to feel the cold shoulder when her former stalker loses interest.

Where to watch: Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Disney +

The Office
"The Office" had a hilarious take on the holiday in season two.NBC

'The Office' (Season 2, Episode 16: 'Valentine’s Day')

Love is in the air at Dunder Mifflin. In the office, Angela gifts Dwight a bobblehead of himself and in return Dwight gives Angela a key to his apartment — true love. Phyllis is showered with gifts from Bob Vance, Kelly is infatuated with Ryan after their first date, and Pam is underwhelmed by her boyfriend’s lack of romance as we all root for Jim to swoop in and save the day. Meanwhile at corporate, Michael — like usual —puts his job in jeopardy by bragging about hooking up with his boss, Jan.

Where to watch: Peacock

Marta develops feelings for Michael in season one of "Arrested Development."
Marta develops feelings for Michael in season one of "Arrested Development."Netflix

 'Arrested Development' (Season 1, Episode 12: 'Marta Complex')

At an anniversary party, Gob’s girlfriend Marta realizes she is actually in love with his brother, Michael. Gob becomes suspicious after he overhears Marta talk about being in love with “hermano,” which he takes as a man’s name and not the Spanish word for “brother.” Lindsay wants a divorce from her husband, Tobias, as his “never nude” condition is causing intimacy issues. Family dysfunction at its finest and most hilarious.

Where to watch: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime

Lisa gives Ralph a Valentine in the "I Love Lisa" episode of "The Simpsons."
Lisa gives Ralph a Valentine in the "I Love Lisa" episode of "The Simpsons."Fox

 'The Simpsons' (Season 4, Episode 15: 'I Love Lisa')

Lisa tries to uplift her classmate Ralph by giving him a Valentine’s Day card — which works but leaves Ralph with a lingering romantic interest. Later Bart plays John Wilkes Booth at the President’s Day Pageant by channeling “The Terminator.” “Hasta la vista, Abey.”

Where to watch: Disney +

"E.R." offered a dramatic Valentine's Day episode.
"E.R." offered a dramatic Valentine's Day episode.ABC

 'Grey’s Anatomy' (Season 6, Episode 14: 'Valentine’s Day Massacre')

Maybe you aren’t feeling the comedic Valentine’s. If you want a tug on the heartstrings, look no further than this dramatic episode. A restaurant roof caves in on the holiday evening leaving Seattle Grace in a frenzy to help. And if it’s Grey’s, a bustling hospital means intricate and complicated relationships to follow.

Where to watch: Hulu

Sam Malone suffers an injury in a 1991 Valentine's Day episode of "Cheers."NBC / NBC

'Cheers' (Season 9 Episode 18: 'Sam Time Next Year')

Spend your Valentine’s Day where everybody knows your name! While attending his yearly Valentine’s date with the same woman, Sam slips on the stairs outside of Cheers and injures his back. Meanwhile Frazier and Lilith attempt to bring their respective all male and all female therapy group’s together to play games like spin the bottle, Twister and the all-too-classic passing an orange from chin to chin.

Where to watch: Peacock, Hulu, Paramount Plus