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Are Alex and Kat from ‘The Ultimatum’ still together now?

The couple struggled to express their emotions to each other and Kat worried Alex wasn’t confident about their future. 
Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman in Episode One of "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On" Season Two
Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman in Episode One of "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On" Season TwoNetflix
/ Source: TODAY

Spoilers about “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” Season Two below.

Alex Chapman and Kat Shelton signed up for Season Two of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” because she seemed more confident about their future together. 

After dating for two years, Kat was ready to get engaged, but he did not want to rush their relationship. The two struggled with expressing their feelings to each other and hoped that being on the show would improve their communication skills. So, she gave him an ultimatum.

During their trial marriages, Alex chose to partner with Roxanne Kaiser and Kat selected Antonio Mattei. Alex initially thought being with someone who was extremely career-oriented, like himself, was a good idea. He was wrong and ended his trial marriage with Roxanne on bad terms, which she discussed with

Kat defended Alex and his character when Roxanne and Antonio called him out during The Choice. But, she still doubted his feelings for her when they reunited. 

Kat and Alex in Season 2 of "The Ultimatum"
Kat and Alex in Season 2 of "The Ultimatum" Netflix

She learned if he was ready to take the next step in their relationship when they met on decision day. 

Did Alex and Kat get engaged?

In the finale, both Alex and Kat said they were nervous before making a decision about their relationship. 

Reflecting on their two years together, Alex said, “We have been tested, literally, on mountaintops, in the ocean, at home, on the road, here during this whole thing and we couldn’t be separated.” 

He continued, “We’re better together than we could ever hope to be alone and I want to go through life with you.”

Alex said he was looking forward to building a family and laughing and crying together for years to come. 

“Today, I want to give you my love, my heart, my respect, everything, forever. So, hopefully you’ll continue to light the way for me, make me the happiest person ever…will you marry me?” he asked. 

Kat Shelton and Alex in Episode Eight of "The Ultimatum" Season Two
Kat Shelton and Alex in Episode Eight of "The Ultimatum" Season TwoNetflix

“Oh my God!” Alex repeated before accepting. 

She said she was so happy and excited. Kat stared at her ring, in awe of how shiny it was. 

For her declaration of love, Kat said that her life began the day she met Alex. “I feel like I was a little lost. I wasn’t really sure who I was,” she said. “You encouraged me to be my best self and you’ve helped me grow so much. I feel like a better person with you.”

Echoing his proposal, she added, “And I’m willing to spend forever with you, too.”

Are Alex and Kat still together now?

Kat and Alex confirmed during the reunion that they are still together and have already set a date for their wedding. 

“The plan is May 10, next year,” Alex told co-host Nick Lachey. 

He showed off their “save the date” magnets, but said the couple haven’t sent them out yet. 

Co-host Vanessa Lachey asked how their lives have changed since they got engaged. 

“It feels really different than dating,” Kat replied. “Actually, Alex is, I think now, more ready to settle down than I am.”

She said her fiancé has been thinking about buying a house and having their first child. 

Alex chimed in and said, “Yeah, I’m excited. It feels a (little like) baby fever.” He also explained that his brother recently had a child, allowing him to spend time with a baby for the first time.

As the rest of the cast laughed, Roxanne looked perplexed. She said it was surprising to hear Alex and Kat’s comments because he seemed to have baby fever during their trial marriage. She remembered them joking about having 12 children. 

“We had talked about all of that before,” Kat said. “But it’s a difference of talking about it and being, like, this is happening. I’m ready for this, like, right now versus a joke of, ‘Let’s have 12 kids.’” 

She said they have continued to have conversations about starting a family as they enjoy their engagement.