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'True Detective' is renewed for Season 5: Here's what to know

Find out if Jodie Foster, Kali Reis and Issa López will return along with other details on the next installment of the series.

This post contains spoilers for Season Four of "True Detective: Night Country."

"True Detective: Night Country" has reached its gripping conclusion, leaving fans pondering Navarro's fate ... and wondering if they'll ever see popsicles in quite the same way again.

Premiering in January, the latest installment in the HBO anthology series follows Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro, two Alaska cops (played by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis), who investigate a group of researchers discovered frozen together in a formation dubbed a "corpsicle."

“True Detective: Night Country” is the franchise's most-watched installment, drawing an average of 12 million viewers per episode.

Now, viewers may be wondering if there will be a Season Five of the popular show. talked to HBO, as well as Foster and Reis about a potential return. Here's what to know.

Will there be a Season 5 of 'True Detective'?

True Detective jodie foster
Michele K. Short / HBO

In a press release issued on Feb. 22, HBO announced that the popular series will, indeed, return for a fifth season.

Season Four creator, director and writer, Issa López, has signed on to head up the next installment in the series, which doesn't have an official release date yet.

Regarding her return, HBO writes, "Issa Lopez is that one-of-a-kind, rare talent that speaks directly to HBO’s creative spirit. She helmed ‘True Detective: Night Country’ from start to finish, never once faltering from her own commendable vision, and inspiring us with her resilience both on the page and behind the camera. Alongside Jodie and Kali’s impeccable performances, she’s made this installation of the franchise a massive success."

Jodie Foster and Kali Reis on returning to 'True Detective'

True Detective
Lilja Jons / HBO Max

With another season of "True Detective" on the way and López back in the director's chair, it begs the question: Will Jodie Foster and Kali Reis return?

"'True Detective' is an anthology series, so chances are the next installment will be with somebody else. Who knows who that'll be?" Foster said during a sit-down interview with Reis earlier this year.

"But maybe they'll bring us on as extras or something," Foster joked.

"Kind of like an Easter Egg," laughed Reis. (Season One character Rust Cohle's father, Travis Cohle, made an appearance in Season Four).

Either way, the pair said that the experience of working together was something they'd happily repeat, despite the fact that filming lasted seven months and took place in Iceland (not Alaska) during some of the coldest months of the year.

"It is cold, but I think it helps put you in the place," said Foster. "It helps you understand who the people are in this isolated community and how isolated they are from each other and from the rest of the world."

At times, the frigid temperatures made it difficult for the actors to say their lines. Reis said she sometimes struggled to get words out while shooting "True Detective" scenes outside.

"But it adds to the character and the whole story because the cold is a character," said Reis.

As for the show? Both Foster and Reis tell they knew what they were making was good.

"I knew everybody was going to see it eventually, but if nobody saw it, I think we'd be as proud," Reis said.

"I think 'Silence of the Lambs' is the closest experience that I've ever had to this," said Foster. "Where you jump on something because you love the material so much and everybody jumps on and does their best work because they respond to the material and the depth of it. And then you do the best work of your life. I really felt like that's what was happening."

Will Season 4’s mysteries ever be answered?

After wrapping on Feb. 18, the final episode of Season Four solves some mysteries and leaves others intact. Navarro, for example, appears alongside Danvers at the very end of the finale. Minutes earlier, she was seen walking into the frozen Alaska tundra.

Was Navarro a ghost? Or did Navarro manage to avoid the fate of her mother and sister, escaping the oppressive town limits of Ennis for a more peaceful existence instead?

Reis tells that it’s up to viewers to decide.

“You have enough evidence to go either way, but it’s up to the audience to choose,” says the actor on the ending.

And what about Annie Kowtok’s tongue? How did it end up at the Tsalal research outpost, six years after her murder?

“That’s a great mystery. There’s a few things that could have happened to it,” says Reis.

Those, and other burning questions, will likely remain unanswered. According to Reis, López, intentionally left “True Detective: Night Country” vague to let viewers decide what happened for themselves.

“It’s not very permanent. It’s very open, which I like a lot,” Reis says.