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Netflix announces new daily trivia game

The streaming service is now getting into video games in a trivial, but also very non-trivial, way.
/ Source: TODAY

Netflix has some seriously trivial news to share ... about trivia!

That's because starting April 1, the popular streaming service is embracing video games with a new daily "Trivia Quest" interactive game that might look a little familiar to mobile-based app trivia buffs.

What is 'Trivia Quest'?

Netflix released a trailer that explains everything on YouTube Thursday, featuring the colorful, cheerful "Willy" explaining how the whole thing will work:

Basically, it's Willy (and his caged pals who need their freedom) vs. Evil Rocky, and you're the only one who can save the day by answering trivia questions for points. There'll be a new episode available each day during April with 24 questions, half "standard" difficulty, and the other half "hard," according to a news release. Each correct answer helps the story progress, and helps Willy save his friends from Rocky.

(And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.)

One of the colorful quiz sets in "Trivia Quest."
One of the colorful quiz sets in "Trivia Quest."Netflix

If "Willy" looks familiar, that's probably because you're a fan of Etermax's long-running "Trivia Crack" series of mobile-based games. According to the New York Times, Netflix licensed the "Trivia Crack" game Etermax.

This is just the latest foray from Netflix into interactivity and games; the service has been behind titles like "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch," "You vs. Wild: Out Cold" and the trivia-focused "Cat Burglar."

Not the Demogorgon!
Not the Demogorgon!Netflix

But rest assured: Netflix is definitely putting its own spin on this iteration of the franchise, if the end of the trailer is any indication: Rocky gets some help from an animated Demogorgon, straight out of "Stranger Things"!

"Trivia Quest" will be available on most platforms that play Netflix; a full list can be found right here.