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Travis Kelce raves about 'Abbott Elementary' after Jason Kelce's cameo: 'I love that show'

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end said on the brothers' "New Heights" podcast that he's currently binge-watching the show.
Jason Kelce on Abbott Elementary
/ Source: TODAY

Travis Kelce is in awe of "Abbott Elementary," a show that his brother, Jason Kelce, recently appeared in.

"Jason on the 'Abbott Elementary' premiere," Travis Kelce beamed in the Feb. 21 episode of their "New Heights" podcast.

"Holy sh--," he continued. "Jason, you’re on the f---ing 'Abbott Elementary' premiere?"

The Philadelphia Eagles center appeared in "Abbott Elementary" as himself in the Season Three premiere that aired Feb. 7. In his scene, he and teammate Brandon Graham walk in on Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts having a Zoom call to tell him he's late for practice.

Hurts virtually attends career day at the show's fictional school and helps Melissa Schemmenti's (Lisa Ann Walter) boyfriend Gary pull off the ultimate proposal. However, she turns him down, and shortly after, Jason Kelce and Graham pop up on the screen next to Hurts. As the scene progresses, all three players offer Melissa support in her decision.

Back on the podcast, Jason Kelce gave props to Quinta Brunson, the star and the creator of the show, as did Travis Kelce.

"Quinta's awesome dude," the Kansas City Chiefs tight end echoed.

"I love that show, man," Travis Kelce continued. "I've just started binge-watching the first season, so I haven't even gotten to the second."

Jason Kelce has previously made a cameo in a Philadelphia-focused show. He also appeared as himself in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" in 2018, and Travis Kelce referenced his brother's cameos to express interest in wanting to have similar opportunities.

"You're always on the coolest Philadelphia s---," the newly-minted three-time Super Bowl champion said. "Why can't Kansas City have a show?"

While looking at a picture of the three Eagles on the "Abbott Elementary" episode, Travis Kelce giggled.

"Just this picture alone is pretty f---ing good," he said.

“Abbott Elementary” fans knew it was just a matter of time before there was an Eagles cameo. The show has previously highlighted Philly staples, including Gritty, the mascot for the Flyers, Philadelphia’s NHL team, and has name-dropped Jazmine Sullivan, who is from the city. The show has also incorporated Philly slang and landmarks like “jawn” and the Franklin Institute.

Jason Kelce provided some behind-the-scenes insight on his cameo.

"I think it was at the end of a day," he said.

"(It) was all (set) up upstairs in the room that we usually do the draft out of. Didn't have many lines, so that made it nice and easy."

Jason Kelce had two lines. The first was to ask, "What's happening?" when he and Graham first appeared on the screen alongside Hurts. The second was to celebrate Melissa after she turned down Gary's marriage proposal.

After Jason Kelce finished giving details on the logistics of the Zoom, Travis Kelce shared what he thinks is "best" on the show.

"Dude, the dynamic between the teachers is the best," he said.

Jason Kelce agreed, saying, "I love what this show represents and anything that sheds light on public schools the Philadelphia school system is pretty special."

“A lot of stuff you can relate to if you went to public school," Travis Kelce added.