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Travis Barker explains why fiancée Kourtney Kardashian is his perfect match

“We’re very similar, with our backs to the wall,” he said in a recent interview.
/ Source: TODAY

Musician Travis Barker is opening up about what makes his fiancée Kourtney Kardashian the perfect partner for him.

In a recent Billboard profile, Barker said they're "very similar, with our backs to the wall."

“We have no quit, and I need someone like that in my life," he told the outlet.

He reiterated the story of how Kardashian helped him conquer his fear of flying in a plane after surviving a deadly plane crash in 2008 left him traumatized. The experience and recovery, he told Billboard, was the only time he ever came close to losing his drive.

“I would’ve been forced to be done because I didn’t like to travel or I couldn’t fly or leaving the house didn’t feel good at the time, but never inside was I thinking, ‘I hate playing the drums’ or ‘I hate making music’ or ‘I hate touring.’ It was more like, ‘F–-k, how am I going to do this now?’" he said. "I remember talking to my therapist and he was like, ‘When is enough enough? You’ve done everything. You’ve played the Grammys,’ lists off the people I’ve collaborated with. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m not done yet.’”

Last summer, Barker boarded a plane for the first time in years to fly to Cabo with Kardashian.

"With you anything is possible," he captioned the picture.

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Kardashian and Barker held a wedding ceremony — officiated by an Elvis impersonator — early Monday morning in Las Vegas after the Grammy Awards.

The two later said they weren't able to make the ceremony official but had wanted to.

“There was no possibility to get a marriage license at that hour,” she explained to Jimmy Kimmel in an interview that aired on Tuesday.

When the host protested that he thought Las Vegas was open 24 hours a day, she agreed.

“That’s what I thought,” she replied. “And I’m like, ‘Are you guys serious?’ We asked, like, five times. What do we have to do to make this happen? It was 2 a.m. and they were like, ‘It opens at 8 o’clock.’”

They decided to go through with the ceremony anyway — despite not having a license and planning a larger ceremony for later this year — “because it’s what’s in the heart," Kardashian said.

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The Kardashian family has been doing the media rounds in recent days to promote their upcoming reality show, "The Kardashians" on Hulu.

The show is slated to premiere on April 14.