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Savannah wants a tattoo and has an idea inspired by her mom

During a visit to “The Drew Barrymore Show,” she revealed she wants a tattoo — and that she wants to get it with Barrymore by her side.

Savannah Guthrie has long been known for her love of multiple ear piercings, and now it seems the TODAY anchor is ready to move on to other body art.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” she not only confessed that she wants a tattoo, she revealed what she wants — and who she wants to get it with.

Pointing out a spot on her right wrist, Savannah told Barrymore, “I’m copying someone, actually, that I work with. She had her mom’s handwriting lightly done, like yours is, and her mom wrote, ‘Love you more,’ because that’s what they say to each other. So, I would like something cool, like that, of my mom.”

And the timing seemed perfect, because Savannah taped that interview last Thursday, which also happened to be mom Nancy Guthrie’s 80th birthday.

That prompted an impulsive suggestion from Barrymore.

“I feel like we need to leave this studio and go get this tattoo in honor of her 80th birthday!” the excited host said.

Savannah responded that she was open to go for tattoo date with Barrymore “anytime.” Which excited Barrymore even more, since she already has her next tattoo all planned out.

"I want to put '2:22' in the digital clock font," she said, pointing to her left forearm. "Because my birthday is Feb. 22, and this year it’s going to be 2/22/22."

While the duo didn't rush out to find a tattoo artist that very moment, they did make firm plans.

"We are going to get a tattoo together," Savannah told Carson Daly when a clip from the interview aired on Tuesday's PopStart. "We’re working it out."