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Which couples from ‘The Ultimatum’ are actually still together?

All six couples reunited to share their current relationship statuses in the reunion episode.
/ Source: TODAY

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Ultimatum” on Netflix.

Following a week of anticipation, viewers learned which couples on “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” decided to stay together after completing the process

Episode nine, which was released on Wednesday, showed three couples meeting in a variety of picturesque locations to announce their decisions. Then, the reunion, the final episode of season one, updated fans on which of the relationships have fizzled out since shooting ended, and which have persisted. 

So, what happened when the other cast members arrived on finale day? Find out below.

Shanique and Randall 

Randall and Shanique on "The Ultimatum"
Randall and Shanique on "The Ultimatum"Netflix

Final decision: After arriving at a clearing, both Shanique and Randall shared how the experience changed them and what they learned from the show. 

Shanique told Randall, “I hope you know I really do love you and I appreciate everything about you. I’m happy that we did this.”

Randall reflected on the challenges they have faced. He called Shanique his best friend and said he has always known he wanted to marry her — and then proposed.

She said yes and they embraced. Later, they both shouted “We’re engaged!” to the camera. 

Reunion update: During episode 10, co-host Vanessa Lachey pointed out that Shanique was not wearing her engagement ring. 

Shanique explained that the problems she and Randall had discussed on the show were still issues when they returned to real life. They broke up for six months as a result. Shanique referred to their separation as “the hardest time in her life.”

As of the reunion, however, they're back together. "We’re honestly just trying to figure it out.” 

Randall revealed that he did not date anyone when they broke up because he was grappling with the deaths of three people in his life. He appreciated that Shanique supported him through that difficult time. 

"I knew I always wanted to be with her, but that made it way more clear to me,” he said. 

They did not mention plans to resume their engagement. “Our timeline is our timeline,” Randall told the group. 

April and Jake

Jake and April on "The Ultimatum"
Jake and April on "The Ultimatum"Netflix

Final decision: April and Jake met up and sat together on a bench as they recalled why they went on the show. 

April stressed that she wanted to be a wife and said she would leave if Jake did not want to get married. 

Jake replied with his final response: “I tried to push every little bit of me to get to that point. I’m just not ready for it myself.” As she cried, Jake said he loved her and wished her the best. 

Reunion update: During the reunion, April — and her newly blond hair — said she stayed at Jake’s place for months after the show ended despite knowing that their relationship was over. 

She revealed she is now in a serious relationship and has already moved in with her new partner. 

Jake and Rae, on the other hand, have split up — and never went on the trip. “We kind of came to a consensus that everybody needed time to heal,” Rae said. 

Rae and Zay

Zay and Rae on "The Ultimatum"
Zay and Rae on "The Ultimatum"Netflix

Final decision: By the time episode nine began, Rae and Zay had already called it quits. While reunited after their trial marriages, Zay left their apartment and stayed out all night without checking in which upset Rae. When he finally returned at 8 a.m., a physical altercation occurred. Rae admitted on camera that she was “so pissed when he came home (she) literally punched him.” 

Speaking to Insider, Rae said she is “not proud” of the actions she took that evening: “I’m very upset about that. I’m not proud of my behavior. I regret us shoving each other. I regret putting my hands on him ... Nobody should ever put their hands on someone else.” 

Reunion update: Rae shared that she tried to rekindle her relationship with Zay after the show. “Zay and I did try to fix things. And ultimately, that didn’t work out, but we did give it a shot,” Rae explained. “I tried to be more expressive with him and he became a better communicator after the show.”

Their segment concluded with a major argument between the exes that also addressed his previous connection with Shanique. Rae became friends with Shanique without knowing she had become intimate with Zay during their trial marriage.

Jake and Rae

Final decision: After ending his relationship with April, Jake then spoke to Rae, with whom he had a trial marriage. Jake proposed the start of an adventure. He explained that he had two tickets to anywhere in the world and wanted Rae to come with him. She agreed and they left together, hand in hand. 

Reunion update: Jake and Rae decided not to go on the trip, and aren't currently in a relationship. “We kind of came to a consensus that everybody needed time to heal,” Rae said, explaining why they chose to "backtrack." Rae revealed that she had one relationship with an "amazing" woman since the show stopped filming.

Madlyn and Colby

Colby and Madlyn on "The Ultimatum"
Colby and Madlyn on "The Ultimatum"Netflix

Final decision: In episode eight, Madlyn and Colby argued about his off-camera relationship with a woman he met in a club. Madlyn expressed that she could not see herself marrying someone who couldn’t hold themselves accountable. 

Going into decision day, Madlyn appeared to be the most uncertain out of all the cast members.

She met Colby in front of a makeshift altar. Colby told Madlyn, “My love for you is undeniable.” He promised to always love her and said she makes him feel invincible. 

“I’ve given you my heart and I want you to keep it forever,” he said before getting down on one knee. Madlyn, who had not spoken yet, revealed her true feelings by kissing Colby. She said yes to his proposal. 

That was just the beginning of Colby’s surprises. 

He said he could not wait any longer and wanted to marry her immediately. She agreed, again, and they exchanged "I dos" right then and there.

After their speedy nuptials, Madlyn said, “Being able to get back up and fight, not against each other, but for each other, is what got us here.”

Reunion update: Colby and Madlyn joined the other couples as she cradled her baby bump. She revealed she was seven months pregnant. The couple is expecting a baby girl.

Madlyn said she felt “excellent." Colby complimented her on how she has handled her pregnancy.

Vanessa Lachey labeled Madlyn and Colby’s child as the first “'Ultimatum' baby," and handed them a sippy cup modeled off the show's wine glasses.

Lauren and Nathan

Lauren and Nathan on "The Ultimatum."
Lauren and Nathan on "The Ultimatum."Netflix

Reunion update: Nathan and Lauren, who hadn’t appeared on the show since the third episode's surprise proposal, shared that they are still engaged.

Lauren said they received expert advice to help them decide if they wanted to have children, which was their main problem. “We did a little bit of outside work with going to therapy,” she said before telling everyone that they plan to have one child. 

Alexis and Hunter

Hunter and Alexis on "The Ultimatum."
Hunter and Alexis on "The Ultimatum."Netflix

Reunion update: Alexis and Hunter also returned and revealed they are planning their wedding. Alexis said they plan to tie the knot in June.

She also addressed her comments on the show about not being ready to settle down with Hunter until he made more money.

“That was a really big thing for me kind of in the beginning,” Alexis said. “Now, living together, we both contribute equally. It’s not as important because I think there’s a lot of other things in our relationship that are better to focus on than the financial aspect.”