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Where to follow the cast of 'The Ultimatum' on Instagram

Lauren Pounds told TODAY she and her fellow cast members are still in touch: “We have a group chat where we all talk and support each other.”

This post contains minor spoilers for episodes one to three of "The Ultimatum."

On Netflix's "The Ultimatum," six couples decide to work through a relationship crossroads by dating other people. Through these trial marriage, they hope to learn whether their relationship works.

Audiences see cast members in the bubble "The Ultimatum" — but what are they like in real life? The cast members' Instagram pages give insight into their lives now.

Lauren Pounds told TODAY that she and her fellow “Ultimatum” cast members are still in touch. “We have an Instagram group chat where we all talk and support each other because we’re going through the same thing,” Pounds said.

Unlike other reality shows, Pounds said there’s no “bad blood” between her and the cast members. “The fact that we can all be in one group together and talk is really cool and special,” she said.

“The Ultimatum” is from the same creator as “Love Is Blind.” And if “Love Is Blind" is any guide, that means that the show will continue off camera, via on Instagram comments and interactions.

With that in mind, here's where to follow each of the cast members on Instagram.

Zay Wilson

Instagram handle: @officialzaywilson

Dating history: Zay goes into "The Ultimatum" dating Rae. He and Shanique are in a trial marriage.

Zay works in a club at the time of "The Ultimatum." His Instagram becomes somewhat of a plot point on "The Ultimatum," as Rae is insecure that women he meets at work follow him on Instagram.

Rae Williams

Instagram handle: @rae.williams

Dating history: Rae goes into “The Ultimatum” dating Zay. She and Jake quickly bond and get together.

On Instagram, Rae shares pictures from her life. In May 2020, she opened up about graduating from college, and the struggle of balancing bartending and classes.

"It took me 5 years instead of 4 but that’s ok. It doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you stay on course ... I’m really glad I stuck with it," she wrote, adding that she was "so happy" she chose to go to an HBCU (historically Black college and university). "There’s really nothing else like it," she wrote.

Jake Cunningham

Instagram handle: @itsjakecunningham

Dating history: Jake comes on the show with April and chooses to date Rae.

Jake spoke about his upcoming stint on “The Ultimatum” on Instagram. “Six couples put their relationships to the ultimate test….and we were one,” he wrote.

In past posts, he also shared photos of his time serving in the U.S. Marines.

April Marie

Instagram handle: @itsaprilmarie

Dating history: April comes on the show with Jake and chooses to date Colby.

“That was a hard secret to keep,” April said on Instagram while sharing the trailer for “The Ultimatum.” With about 55,000 followers at the time of writing, April speaks about her life as an influencer on the show.

Colby Kissinger

Instagram handle: @colby_kiss

Dating history: Colby comes on the show with Madelyn and starts dating April.

On Instagram, Colby describes himself a proud Taurus and someone who lives in Texas.

His famous cowboy hat makes an appearance in a photo with his parents. After watching "The Ultimatum," we know where that hat has been.

Madlyn Ballatori

Instagram handle: @madlynballatori

Dating history: Madlyn comes onto the show with Colby and dates Randall.

According to her Instagram, Madlyn is an IT project manager. She has two Maltese dogs.

Randall Griffin

Instagram handle: @rl_griffin

Dating history: Randall comes onto the show with Shanique and dates Madlyn.

Reflecting on 2021 — the year “The Ultimatum” was filmed— on Instagram, Randall said the year taught him a lot. “Experienced a lot of highs and lot of lows. Gained new friends and lost a few as well,” Randall wrote.

Shanique Brown

Instagram handle: @shaniqueimari

Dating history: Shanique is dating Randall when she comes on the show and explores a relationship with Zay.

According to her Instagram, Shanique is the owner of a swimwear and intimates brand called Syn's Closet.

Lauren Pounds

Instagram handle: @laurenkilos

Dating history: Lauren and Nathan leave the show engaged.

Lauren has a professional Instagram, @shakeshakepour, where she puts pictures of her cocktail creations.

Her personal Instagram may hold a clue into her relationship status. On Instagram, Lauren wrote about a trip she took through Colorado with an unspecified partner in Oct. 2021: "10/10 recommend renting a car and road tripping around Colorado with your lover."

Nathan Ruggles

Instagram handle: @nathan_ruggles

Dating history: Nathan and Lauren leave the show engaged.

Nathan posts about his travels, friendships, and dog on Instagram. He has a photo with Lauren from 2020, before the show was filmed.

Alexis Maloney

Instagram handle: @alexiselainemaloney

Dating history: Alexis and Hunter leave the show engaged.

On Instagram, Alexis shares details about her travels and fashion sensibility. “If you know me, you know accessorizing is my favorite sport. Nothing gets me more excited for a night out like a GOOD accessory,” she wrote.

As for whether she and Hunter are still together? Alexis still has photos with him on her feed.

Hunter Parr

Instagram handle: @papa_parr

Dating history: Hunter decided to propose to Alexis instead of following through with the show’s experiment.

Hunter teased the upcoming season by writing, “Stay tuned“ in a caption.