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‘The Hills' reboot is coming with a new cast — here’s what we know

Fans of the hit 2000s reality show are in for a treat with a new reboot (and a brand-new cast) on its way.
"The Hills" always featured plenty of intrigue and drama.
"The Hills" always featured plenty of intrigue and drama.Everett Collection

MTV is taking its viewers back to the Hollywood Hills.

The network is rebooting its hit reality series "The Hills" with a brand-new cast, MTV confirmed to TODAY. Here’s everything we know so far!

The show is tentatively titled "The Hills: Next Gen"

"The Hills," which originally aired for six seasons between 2006 and 2010, was a cultural phenomenon and some of the original cast came back for two seasons of a rebooted series titled "The Hills: New Beginnings" in 2019.

Now, MTV Entertainment Studios and the Paramount network have ordered a new series tentatively titled “The Hills: Next Gen,” as Deadline reports.

Who's in the cast?

The reality series will have a cast that's "more diverse than the original," according to Deadline, and will feature a group of "twentysomething friends and aspiring entrepreneurs" as they work through issues of identity, race, class, addiction and family life.

Much like the original series, there will also be plenty of drama and romance!

The Hills
Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler captivated viewers with their onscreen drama on "The Hills."John Shearer / WireImage

The OG cast is sure to have a lot to say about the reboot

MTV has yet to reveal whether or not any original cast members will make any cameo appearances in the new series, but we wouldn't be surprised if they do. After all, "The Hills" played a huge part in their lives for so many years.

In 2019, when the cast was preparing for their reboot to premiere, TODAY sat down with several of the stars to find out why they think the reality show was so popular.

“I think that it became so big because it was one of the first soap operas about real people living in Los Angeles, and had a lot of relatable stories," Heidi Montag said. "And what we were going through also was very glamorous and beautiful, and Los Angeles. Who doesn’t love living the dream in LA?”

Audrina Patridge suggested that the show's fans could relate to the stars, which made them that much more appealing.

“And they’re kind of on this journey with us, even now with the new show. A lot of people are married and have kids. And this time around it’s not about going to clubs and partying. It’s, like, we’re dealing with real adult things now,” she said.

Whitney Port agreed and offered her own explanation.

“The people that watched it were also in their early 20s, trying to make a career for themselves and having boy drama and friend drama, and so I think everyone could kind of live vicariously through us." she said.