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Season 2 of 'The Flight Attendant' is landing on your screen soon

Star Kaley Cuoco describes the upcoming season as "one trip you will never forget."
The Flight Attendant
The Flight AttendantHBO Max

The first season of "The Flight Attendant" takes Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) on a ride — or perhaps we should say, "flight." And the HBO Max series is returning for a second season this spring for more high altitude adventure, once again situated on the border of thriller and dark comedy.

Based on the trailer, Cassie Bowden is thriving in season two of "The Flight Attendant." Now living in Los Angeles, Cassie has a thriving new relationship, a well-maintained collection of throw pillows, and a thriving side hustle as a double agent. After coming to terms with her alcohol dependency in season one, she's now sober.

But can the good times last? Here's what we know about Cassie's future in "The Flight Attendant."

Season 2 of 'The Flight Attendant' premieres in April

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 21. That's when the first two episodes of "The Flight Attendant" lands onto HBO Max.

Here's the schedule of 'The Flight Attendant' season 2

The eight-episode season will conclude on May 26. Here's the schedule.

  • Thursday, April 21: Episode 1, “Seeing Double”
  • Thursday, April 21: Episode 2, "Mushrooms, Tasers and Bears, Oh My!"
  • Thursday, April 28: Episode 3, "The Reykjavik Ice Sculpture Festival Is Lovely This Time of Year"
  • Thursday, April 28: Episode 4, "Blue Sincerely Reunion"
  • Thursday, May 5: Episode 6
  • Thursday, May 12, Episode 6
  • Thursday, May 19: Episode 7
  • Thursday, May 26, Episode 8

The trailer shows Cassie seeing double

If you'll recall, the trouble in season one of "The Flight Attendant" begins when Cassie wakes up next to a dead body in a hotel, with no idea how her brief post-flight fling went so wrong. Michiel Huisman's Alex Sokolov mostly existed in flashback form, as Cassie pieced together their time together.

In the trailer for season two, Cassie says she's turning into a "whole new person," but she still manages to attract secrets and drama — you know what they say about old habits. According to the official synopsis from HBO Max, she "inadvertently (witnesses) a murder" and "becomes entangled in another international intrigue.”

In the aftermath, Cassie becomes convinced that someone is trying imitate her and frame her for a crime.

According to the trailer, Cassie's imagination goes on overdrive this season. She will be having long conversations with other iterations of herself. During these sequences, Cuoco will play multiple versions of Cassie, including one Cassie who "makes better choices" and one who is back to drinking.

Cuoco gave a preview for Cassie's journey, set a year after the events of season 1

Whereas the first season of "The Flight Attendant" was based on a novel by Chris Bohjalian, season two will depart from the source material.

“Cassie thinks she’s completely changed. Turned over a new leaf and is a whole new person,” Cuoco said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “We find out rather quickly that’s not the case, and sobriety is a lot harder than she likes to admit.” 

Speaking to Variety, Cuoco said that Cassie is also adjusting to her now job.

"She’s ... a CIA asset, which is a very small job. This is not some sort of agent. She is a teeny tiny asset. But she seems to get confused as to what is needed from her and gets herself stuck in a situation that she should not be in,” she said.

Sharon Stone is joining the cast, along with others

Whereas the first season focused on Cassie's relationship with her dad, this one will explore her relationship with her mom, Lisa — played by Sharon Stone. According to the official character description, Lisa “would prefer to stay estranged ... after a lifetime of dealing with Cassie’s alcoholism, she no longer has any patient or goodwill to spare.”

In the trailer, Cassie and her brother visit their mom. When Lisa opens the door, she wears an unmistakable expression of dismay. None of that, however, is visible in the behind-the-scenes photo Cuoco posted of her on set with Stone.

Also joining this season are Mo McRae ("Sons of Anarchy"), Callie Hernandez ("Soundtrack"), JJ Soria ("Gentefied"), Cheryl Hines ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Jessie Ennis ("Mythic Quest"), Mae Martin ("Feel Good"), Margaret Cho ("Drop Dead Diva"), Santiago Cabrera ("Salvation, Star Trek: Picard") and Shohreh Aghdashloo ("The Expanse").

Expect to see the regulars, too

Cassie will once again be bolstered by her brother Davey (T.R. Knight) and best friend Annie (Zosia Mamet).

She unexpectedly reconnects with Megan (Rosie Perez), another flight attendant wrapped up in international intrigue. To recap, Megan sells information about her husband's job to the North Korean government in season one, and ends up on the run in Europe.

The Flight Attendant
Kaley Cuoco and Rosie Perez in "The Flight Attendant."HBO Max

Where is Miranda Croft?

Noticeably absent from the cast line-up is Michelle Gomez's formidable Miranda, Alex's business associate.

Miranda and Cassie team up to kill Felix (Colin Woodell), Alex's assassin, in the finale. Felix had been stalking Cassie throughout the season (and for most of the season, audiences knew him as her lover, Buckley).

This is a change from the original source material. In Bohjalian's book, Miranda is the killer, and she dies in the end. Here, Miranda redeems herself, and slips away from a fight. Speaking to Glamour, Gomez confirmed that Miranda is "not dead," even if the last time Cassie saw her, she was passed out in a bathtub.

Michelle Gomez in Season 1 of The Flight Attendant.
Michelle Gomez as Miranda in "The Flight Attendant," a "strong, wiry, tenacious" assassin."HBO Max

“She’s a strong, wiry, tenacious assassin, so I think she probably saw her little exit opportunity when Cassie and Felix were fighting and off she went into the night,” Gomez told Glamour.

Miranda returns for one final interaction. Cassie finds Alex's copy of "Crime and Punishment" in her pocket while having lunch with Annie. Inside the book? A note from Miranda saying, "See you soon."

But will she come back? Showrunner Steve Yockey left it open-ended in an interview with the New York Times. “There’s always a world in which Miranda shows up, which is the kind of world I like to live in,” said Yockey.