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Drew Barrymore unleashes her inner housewife as Teresa Giudice teaches her how to flip a table

The talk show host asked the reality star to re-create a famous scene from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."
Drew Barrymore flips table with Teresa Giudice in February 2022.
Ash Bean / The Drew Barrymore Show
/ Source: TODAY

Drew Barrymore just got an entertaining lesson on how to channel her inner rage like one of the "Real Housewives."

During an interview with Teresa Giudice, who stars on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Barrymore admitted that she has always loved one particular scene from Season One of the show (aka the infamous table-flipping moment).

“I also like that you flip tables! 'Cause I also, I told you I got that angel and that devil on each shoulder," the talk show host said.

The reality star, 50, was amused but acknowledged that people often misunderstand her because of that scene and think she's "mean."

"I'm so easygoing," she said. "I go with the flow. I like to have fun."

Still, that's not exactly what the show is looking for, Barrymore added. "That show is also going for the big moments. I don't think they would love you sitting around being a nice, quiet person," she said.

The talk show host then played a clip of the iconic table-flipping scene for her audience and told Giudice that she admired her chutzpah.

"I mean, I love you! I get that. I like a good drink in the face, too. That's a real clutch move," she said. "Have you ever done that?"

"No, I would love to," Giudice said.

"You're missing out. Get on it and do it," Barrymore said.

She then asked Giudice to share some tips on how to flip a table like a pro, and the "RHONJ" star was happy to oblige.

"Think about something that makes you really, really angry, like you know if your boyfriend cheated on you, or if a girlfriend betrayed you," she suggested.

During Season One of "RHONJ," Giudice flipped the table during a dinner with family and friends after a heated discussion with fellow "Real Housewife" Danielle Staub.

"She was going after my girlfriend," Giudice told Barrymore. "So I was sticking up for my girlfriend — I'm a girl's girl."

Up next, the reality star said, grab the table and hold onto it.

Barrymore and Giudice got into position at this point and counted to three, then yelled their own angry phrases and flipped the tables.

The crowd loved the explosive moment and burst into applause, and the two stars shared a hug.

"End scene," Barrymore proudly said.