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Sterling K. Brown begs for Mandy Moore to get Emmy love for her work on 'This Is Us'

"Mandy Moore is killing the game, son. She is killing the game," a passionate Brown said in an Instagram video touting his co-star.
/ Source: TODAY

Sterling K. Brown may have found a new job as Mandy Moore’s hype man.

The actor is begging his “This Is Us” co-star to get her due with an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Rebecca Pearson on the NBC drama. Moore’s character, of course, is mother to Randall, played by Brown.

“I want anybody who votes in the (TV) Academy, OK, anybody who’s got a say in what happens, the tastemakers, et cetera, et cetera: Mandy Moore is killing the game, son. She is killing the game, and she deserves to be recognized,” he said in an Instagram video he posted Wednesday.

Moore has notched one Emmy nomination for “This Is Us, while Brown is a three-time Emmy winner himself, including one trophy for his work on “This Is Us.” He also has four other nominations for his work on the show.

Moore’s role is multilayered, as she portrays Rebecca as a younger woman, as well as a future version of herself while dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Y’all know Mandy Moore is eight years younger than me — and she plays my mama,” Brown continued. “And there’s never a moment on set — I don’t know what it’s like for you guys to watch — but there’s never a moment on set where I’m like, ‘Mandy Moore’s too young to play my mama.’ No. She is my mama. And the beautifully subtle, nuanced work and the portrayal of someone going through what her character’s going through, it’s just exquisite, man.”

Moore appeared humbled by Brown’s plea.

This is Us - Season: 5
Sterling K. Brown plays Randall, one of the three kids devoted to their mother, Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore.Ron Batzdorff / NBC

“I love you so much, SKB. You’re too kind,” she commented. “Thank you for your exquisite work, which only raises the game of everyone who works with you. But I concur- our collective group is unstoppable!!”

Brown, who said he has eight days of work on the show left, also heaped praise on Niles Fitch, who plays the teenage version of Randall.

“I just want to give that young man his kudos because he’s been outstanding from beginning to end, and I always knew that the character was in good hands when he was on set,” he said.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything these past six years,” Fitch commented. “Not many get to say they were able to learn from the best in their craft, I’m able to. Love you man.”

This Is Us - Season 6
The bond between Randall and Rebecca is strong.Ron Batzdorff / NBC

Brown, who also singled out Jon Huertas and Justin Hartley for their work on the show, said the series really clicks.

“When the show, like the ensemble, gets a chance to function as a collective, it’s just like the best music. Everybody plays their tune,” he said.

Brown also articulated what loyal fans of the show have known since it debuted in 2016: “This Is Us” is very entertaining.

“I’ll be damned if this isn’t a good assed show,” he said.

“I’m not saying that because I’m on it: I’m saying it because it’s a good assed show,” he added.

“This Is Us” is known for giving viewers the feels. Brown, who noted he had just watched the most recent episode in which Rebecca continues to deteriorate while at Kate’s wedding, said the show’s fans are incredible.

“Your love for the show is not lost on us,” he said. “It’s not lost on me, so I just want to say thank you.”

“I’m sitting here watching it as a fan and, God, if it don’t make me feel all the stuff that y’all feel, too,” he added.

“I frickin’ like this show, man. I really, really do. Thank you for liking it, too,” he added.