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‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown worries about ‘changing the family dynamic’

Meri Brown said she feels "a little betrayed" by Christine's decision to move to Utah in the TLC show's latest episode.
Christine Brown on Sister Wives.
Christine Brown has a lot to tell her sister wives in this episode.YouTube

As she prepares to move to Utah, Christine Brown worries how Kody and his three remaining wives will react to the news in the latest episode of "Sister Wives."

Earlier in the season, the mother of six told Meri, Janelle and Robyn that she was leaving Kody after over 25 years of marriage and relocating to Utah with their youngest daughter, Truely. In last week's episode, she even sold the bedroom set she once shared with Kody to prepare for the move.

In Sunday's episode, titled "A Polygamist Divorce," Christine reflects on how her departure will affect the family.

“By leaving Kody and leaving the family and moving, I’m really changing the dynamic. And when I tell you that keeps me up at night, believe me that keeps me up at night,” she says in a confessional early on in the episode.

With one week left before the big move, Christine calls a family meeting to share that she got an offer on her house and let her sister wives know that she will be leaving in a week.

“I just hope they don’t hate me,” she worries beforehand.

During the meeting, the 50-year-old shares her news and gets mixed reactions. Robyn looks shocked and shares the following reaction in a confessional.

“I felt like I just got pushed out of an airplane and I wasn’t ready,” she explains.

Meri describes a mixed bag of emotions. “I feel angry and I feel a little betrayed and I feel like I understand where she’s coming from,” she says in a confessional. “I’m hurt that she doesn’t see value enough in our family.”

Kody is silent at first in the meeting then shares the following thought in a confessional. “It’s just one of those things where I’m just like, there’s nothing I can do here, you know? I'm not gonna express my undying love for her, 'Please come back!' because I don't even like her right now," he says.

Janelle says she's happy that Christine got an offer on her house and asks how Truely is handling the impending move. Christine says she's understandably upset that they're moving but is taking things in stride.

Kody interjects and says his daughter seemed more upset about moving than the fact that her parents are getting divorced. He also says he was unaware that he was divorced from Christine until Truely told him.

The meeting then shifts to the topic of polygamy and divorce, with Robyn and Kody suggesting that they should have gotten approval from their church on that matter. Janelle and Christine say that since Christine isn't a member of the church anymore, the rules don't apply to her.

"Christine just saying she’s divorced is sort of invalidating our beliefs,” Robyn says in a confessional. “We are spiritually married to Kody by our church. If we want a divorce then we have to go get their approval. Usually they require counseling, lots and lots of meetings and technically, from my understanding, until Christine is physical with another man she’s not divorced.”

As the meeting goes on, Kody says he can't figure out why he's so angry.

"You’ve been in this place for a very, very long time and I’m just gradually getting clued in," he says. "I actually had to find out from Madison (his daughter with Janelle) that you had been saying that you were thinking about leaving."

In a confessional, Kody says he had heard rumors about Christine leaving and asked Madison about it. Back in the meeting, Christine tells Kody he should've addressed the topic with her and not the kids.

"They asked me, 'Why are you staying? Why don't you just leave?" she says, adding that several of Kody's children had noticed the strain in his relationship with Christine.

At this point, Robyn gets frustrated when Christine says that the children perceived their parents' relationship as being rocky, even back in Las Vegas.

Robyn calls Christine's statement "a lie."

“‘Cause I remember the conversations, I remember what was going on,” Robyn said. “I remember Janelle and Kody making their relationship better than it ever had been. I remember him talking with you. I remember you guys having fun dates and hearing about that and seeing you guys’ relationship.”

 "So either you guys were faking it in front of me ... I don’t know," she says. 

After getting heated, Robyn says she misunderstood Christine's comments and previously thought Christine meant that everyone's relationships (except Robyn and Kody's) were struggling in Vegas.

In a confessional, Meri says that she doesn't know what life will bring for the family after Christine's departure.

"We're not functioning as a family anymore and we haven't for a really, really long time. It's not just Kody and Christine's relationship that has been an issue. There's a lot of fractures and if people aren't gonna work on it then this is the way of our family," she says.