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'Sister Wives' exclusive: Meri Brown reveals she's leaving Arizona, moving back to Utah

Meri Brown breaks the news to sister wife Robyn Brown in a tense conversation: "I don't think she likes it."

Meri Brown shares life-changing news with Robyn Brown in the upcoming installment of Season 18 of "Sister Wives," and has an exclusive clip of the moment.

In the episode, titled “Throwing in the Towel,” Meri Brown reveals that she's planning to spend the majority of her time in Utah moving forward, instead of Flagstaff, Ariz., where the family currently lives.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and trying to figure out what to do, especially in the last year since (my) mom passed, like how to run the (bed and breakfast) and what to do with it. It’s been a lot of work going back and forth trying to keep that up," she begins.

"I bet," Robyn Brown replies.

Meri Brown continues to describe the challenges of having two home bases.

“But whenever I’m up there (in Utah), I can't do my clothing business, so I've been trying to figure out how to make it all work together," she says.

Then, she lays out her conclusion: "I am going to be moving out of this house and moving the business up there, but I will be downsizing here."

As she listens, Robyn Brown tilts her head and looks both confused and worried.

“OK, where are you going to be moving?” she asks.

The scene shifts to Meri Brown’s confessional and she says, “I don’t think (Robyn is) liking it.”

Robyn / Meri
Robyn and Meri BrownTLC

In her own confessional, Robyn Brown says, “I guess I’m just kind of double checking, going, ‘This is where you live, though. This is home. This is gonna stay home, right?’”

Back in their meeting, Robyn Brown asks for some clarity and says, "What does that mean when you say you’ll be there more?"

"It will be longer chunks of time and I’ll come back here when I’m needed to be here," Meri Brown replies.

In her confessional, Meri Brown wonders how the family dynamics will shift with her relocating, especially now that Kody and Christine Brown are divorced and Kody and Janelle Brown are separated.

"What’s gonna happen with my relationship with Robyn and her kids and even the potential of any possibility that might happen with Kody?" she says.

Back in her meetup with Robyn Brown, Meri Brown says that relocating is something she needs to do and Robyn Brown nods her head.

However, in her confessional, Robyn Brown shares how she really feels about the matter.

"From everything that's happening right now in the family with Kody and Janelle, I feel unsteady. And in all reality, Kody is even being different. I don’t feel very steady, even with him," she says.

The mother of five goes on to explain that Meri Brown has been a constant in her life through all of the recent changes.

"But Meri and I always have had this steadiness between the two of us. And through everything that's been happening, it's like at least I could go to her and look at her in the eyes and say, 'We’re here for each other, right? We’re gonna stick this out, right? Let's not give up, OK?"

In a confessional interview last week, Meri Brown opened up about her desire to spend more time in Utah.

"I’m honestly in just this really weird situation. I don’t really have much of a reason to be in Flagstaff, except for the fact that I’d really like to heal my marriage. I mean, basically it’s Robyn and her kids that I see and have a relationship with," she said.

In January 2023, Kody and Meri Brown announced their decision to "permanently terminate" their marriage.