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'Sister Wives:' How Kody really felt about Christine getting married

The reality star voiced his opinions about his ex-wife moving on.

Kody Brown isn't known for holding back his feelings, so when it comes time to share what he thinks about Christine Brown's new relationship during a "Sister Wives" wedding special, he isn't exactly shy about it.

While talking about Christine's upcoming marriage to David Woolley, Kody lets it slip that some of his immediate family was invited to the wedding but he was not.

"I saw a wedding announcement at my sister’s house, so (it) was kind of curious to me that some of my family had been invited to the wedding," he says during an interview with his one remaining wife, Robyn Brown.

Still, the news doesn't seem to have come as a surprise to Kody, especially since he and Christine weren't on the best terms when they divorced. Christine was in a plural marriage with Kody, and was his third of four wives. In the past two years, Kody's other marriages to Janelle and Meri Brown have also ended, leaving him with one wife: Robyn Brown.

Over the past two seasons of "Sister Wives," he's spoken openly about his resentment towards his ex-wife. He says feelings have cooled since then.

"I’m really fine. I’m resolved with it. Our relationship ended. She made the accusation that I had..." he says then Robyn embraces her husband and interrupts what he's about to say.

"Aren't we just so happy for them? We’re just so happy for them, right? That's what we want," she says.

Kody from Sister Wives
Kody Brown says he's happy that his ex-wife Christine Brown has found love again.Courtesy TLC

Kody smirks and says, "What? I'm just telling my story."

The reality star then elaborates on what he was originally going to say.

"Christine said (to) our children, 'Dad has his soulmate. I'm going to go look for mine.' And so I'm like, she says she's found her soulmate and I'm happy for her for that fact," he says and looks at Robyn. "That's what I was going to say."

Looking somewhat relieved, Robyn says, "OK, I just wasn't sure."

Kody starts talking again and says, "Just because I've been angry for three years doesn't mean that I can't be happy for them."

Reassured for the moment, Robyn says, "I hope Christine and David can be happy. That's all I'm gonna say."

Christine and David in Sister Wives
The happy couple: Christine Brown and David Woolley.Courtesy TLC

With his ex-wife remarrying, Kody ponders how the family dynamics will shift later in the episode and says he doubts that his youngest daughter, Truely Brown, will call David her dad.

"I don’t think she’ll ever call him dad or stepdad or refer to him as stepdad. Maybe. But it doesn't matter. I mean, this is all their choice, whatever they choose to do," he says.

While reflecting on Christine's upcoming wedding, Kody looks back on their own nuptials and describes the day as "lackluster."

"I had a thousand yard stare and I had two other wives who weren't really in the best of emotional condition. I just don't think they were close enough to Christine at the time. It wasn't a great day," he says.

This time around, Kody explains, he would like for his ex-wife to get the wedding she's always dreamed of.

"I hope Christine gets her great day with her wedding. So if she's doing something really wonderful, spectacular and beautiful and David's digging on her, good for them," he says.