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‘Sister Wives’ exclusive: Kody Brown has ‘evil thoughts’ about ex Christine

Christine Brown says it's "obvious" her ex-husband is mad: "He just is always mad."

Kody Brown isn't ready to let go of his resentment for his ex-wife Christine Brown in an exclusive clip from the upcoming Season 18 episode of "Sister Wives."

During last week's season premiere, the former couple got together for lunch for the first time since their divorce, and their awkward meeting continues in Sunday's episode, titled, "Thanks for Nothing."

In's exclusive clip of the moment, Kody Brown says how he really feels about seeing his ex again.

"I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here with her," he says.

Christine Brown can sense the animosity and reflects on her ex-husband's emotional state in her own confessional.

"I know that Kody’s mad. I’ve known that Kody’s been mad for a long time. I mean it’s just obvious, he just is always mad," she says.

While talking about his anger, Kody Brown offers the following explanation to the show's producers.

"Christine herself, her face doesn't bother me. It’s what she’s doing with our children, talking behind my back about the reasons she left (that bothers me)," he says.  

Meanwhile, the mother of six defends her own position in her confessional.

"Kody can get mad at me about a lot of things. He can name call me, that’s just fine. But when he sits there and he tells me to my face that I am pitting his children against him — no, no, that is not true. I am their sounding board. They get to talk to me about things that are hard and I listen," she says.

Back at lunch, Kody Brown tells Christine Brown, "You get me in the right place, and sometimes it's just venom and vitriol. Christine Brown summarizes that as, "So sometimes you still hate me. It's OK."

Kody Brown fires back by saying, “I think it gives you satisfaction if I did hate you.”

Contrary to that belief, Christine Brown describes the concept as “heartbreaking.” In her confessional, she also admits that Kody Brown doesn't take up much space in her mind these days.

"I really think about him less than he thinks I think about him. I don't really even think about him that much," she says.

Back at lunch, Kody Brown says he wishes he was "more ambivalent" about their breakup but Christine Brown says she'd rather he not "pretend."

The father of 18 then says he has "anxiety attacks" when he drives by her old home." Christine Brown says coming back to Flagstaff was "so hard" for her, too.

In his confessional, Kody Brown shares the following commentary about his ex-wife: "I think she's Machiavellian. She plays nice while stabbing you in the back."

The conversation then turns to the "grief" Kody Brown felt and the "evil thoughts" he had following their breakup.

"So it was grief over me leaving more than anything," Christine Brown suggests.

"Even more than that. It was bigger than that. It was my big picture," Kody Brown says, referring to his dream of a big family.

In a confessional, Christine Brown expresses her frustration over that statement.

"It's like he's trying to blame me for destroying his big picture but doesn't see that his actions over the course of 10 years is what has demolished his big picture," she says.

The reality star then alludes to one of the reasons she and Kody Brown had tension in their marriage: His alleged favoritism of Robyn Brown, his fourth wife.

"You can't just pick favorites. You can't just stay at one person's house and expect to still have a big picture of a big, huge, happy, big family when you don't even have relationships with most of the people in that picture," she said, alluding to the fact that Kody Brown has strained relationships with many of his children.

Meanwhile, Kody Brown defends Robyn Brown in his own confessional and says, "My relationship with Christine was bad, is bad because of me and Christine, not because of Robyn."