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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown says he once considered reconciling with Meri

The reality stars address the end of their marriage in a new "Sister Wives" special.

Kody Brown once considered reconciling with Meri while they were estranged, but Meri says she had no idea.

The reality stars comment on their breakup in a new “Sister Wives: One on One” special and confirm that they are no longer married.

During his interview with host Sukanya Krishnan, Kody reveals that he once thought about mending their strained relationship.

"When we moved to Flagstaff, Ariz. I was trying to reconcile with Meri," he says, adding that the moment occurred after Meri gave him a thoughtful birthday gift.

Kody then told Janelle, Christine and Robyn how he was feeling, and he claims that one of his wives wasn't exactly thrilled.

“Christine lost her s---that day. She comes to a family party and leaves, yelling to one of the kids that she was in a loveless marriage. This is two years before she kicks me out,” he says.

However, when Krishnan asks Meri if she knew what Kody was considering, she seems confused.

"I have no idea," she says.

Kody then talks about the gift that Meri gave him: a bunch of Rice Krispie Treats (one for every year of their marriage).

"She included even our bad years, the ones where I'm basically like 'We're not really married, I don't think here,'" he says. "The expression was sweet and the mood that I was in was the right mood to try and think about reconciliation."

Kody says his open-mindedness didn't only come down to the presence of baked goods.

“It was that I was no longer angry with her for what I had gone through in my life with her. I was willing to see the error of my ways and then work to determine whether we were good with each other anymore,” he says.

Kody is likely referring to Meri's 2015 catfishing scandal that he has said led to the dissolution of their marriage.

When she hears about Kody's feelings during the "One on One" special, Meri seems visibly taken aback.

“That’s interesting that he felt like that, cause that is also the same day that (we) went out on a picnic and he was saying, ‘No, you’re supposed to have been courting me.’ I said, ‘Kody, I’ve been waiting for you.’ He’s like, ‘I’m not coming,’” she explains.

Meri acknowledges that it makes her "feel good" to hear that Kody was open to the idea of reconciliation and says she is still open to it herself.

“I never knew about that moment with him and I never knew about the moment with Christine until you just told me,” she says.

In his interview, Kody explains why he thinks Christine would have been against the idea of his and Meri's reconciliation.

"There's something wrong in the relationship between Meri and Christine," he says.

That's a sentiment that both Meri and Christine also address during the special. Christine says why she ended her friendship with Meri.

“It wasn’t safe for me anymore and I ended it and I just told her straight up, ‘No, we’re not going to be friends cause I don’t trust you and I’m not gonna do that to myself anymore,’” Christine explains. 

Meri laments the end of their friendship, saying, "I know what kind of relationship she and I have had in the past. It’s been fun. It’s not been super super deep, but it’s been a lot of fun and I miss that.”