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Kody Brown says Christine did family a 'favor' by leaving in 'Sister Wives'

The TLC reality star also called his ex-wife's departure "a knife in the kidneys" during an explosive family meeting.
Kody Brown, Sister Wives
The latest episode of the reality show features an intense family meeting.TLC

Kody Brown is letting it all out in the latest episode of "Sister Wives."

The father of 18 lashes out at his ex-wife Christine during a family meeting and claims that she has treated his other wife Robyn "like dirt from the very beginning.”

Kody makes this claim after Robyn asks Christine if she needs space when she moves to Utah or if she has any interest in working on her relationships with her sister wives. When Christine says she prefers the space, Robyn is visibly disappointed.

After Kody accuses Christine of alienating Robyn, he elaborates on his frustration.

“That’s the reason I’m pissed off is because you never tried to have a really good relationship with these other people,” he screams.

"That's not true. I did," Christine calmly replies.

Kody stands up and seems to get angrier with each passing moment.

“It’s just vomiting out of me. Because I’ve sat here with it just like, ‘Christine, try and do this.’ You wanted to renegotiate a relationship with me, but you wouldn’t even have a decent one with them," he says.

The 53-year-old, who suggested that his divorce "delegitimizes" everything he's worked for in a recent episode, tells Christine how hurt he is that she's leaving him.

“Man, just the knife in the kidneys over all these years! The sacrifices that I’ve made to love you. Wasted!”

Kody goes on to tell Christine that he wanted her to show "accountability" in their relationship but instead, she's "running away."

“You’re like, ‘I’m divorced. I’m leaving. I’m done with you. You’re out of my house’ instead of actually making the relationships work and trying,” he says.

When Kody pauses for a minute, Christine calmly defends herself.

“Look, I never tried to treat anybody like crap,” she says.

"But you did," Kody replies.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to," she says.

"And you admitted to it, and you couldn’t correct it. And now we’re sitting here with a broken family over it," Kody says.

In a confessional, Christine reflects on the explosive family meeting.

"I could sit here and dissect everything that Kody has said and give you my point, but we’ve done this for years. I'm tired. I'm tired. It doesn't matter. It's over," she says.

Back in the meeting, Kody prepares to leave and addresses his ex for one last time.

"So thank you. Thank for coming, it was a blessing. Thank you for leaving cause now I'm sitting here trying to find the silver lining and I just hope it's a blessing," he says.

After the meeting, Janelle gives Christine a hug and comes to her defense in a confessional interview, suggesting that Kody's reaction was "harsh."

"Even though he tried to dilute it a little bit, it seemed very pointed to one relationship," she says. "I just feel like that being a good sister wife, it takes both sides, it takes reciprocation, it takes work on all the sides and on the part of the husband."

She empathizes with Christine. “She’s been about the family. She’s been about the kids. She needed more of a relationship with him. There’s a point where it just doesn’t work anymore. Why be miserable? Miserable for years.”

Meanwhile, Kody's first wife Meri comes to his defense in her own confessional.

"That response from Kody was real and he said some things he probably has been holding in for a long time. I'm glad he said it," she says.

Christine, on her end, said that her relationship wasn't one that she would wish on "any friend."

“A year ago, when I looked at mine and Kody's relationship, I really felt like I couldn’t stay, but I hadn’t yet decided to move,” Christine tells the group. “I looked at our relationship, and how I was, I just got to thinking it’s not a relationship I would wish on any friend of mine.”