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Is Robyn really Kody’s favorite wife? He answers in ‘Sister Wives’ special

Christine and Janelle weigh in, too.

Kody Brown sets the record straight about whether or not he has a favorite wife in the next and final "Sister Wives: One on One" special, airing this Sunday.

The topic was brought up throughout Season 17. Kody's ex-wife Christine suggested that Robyn was Kody's preferred spouse in the season premiere, saying she felt like a "third wheel" in her marriage.

Duirng the psecial, host Sukanya Krishnan asks Kody to answer to Christine's allegations: Is Robyn indeed his favorite wife?

In an exclusive clip shared with, Kody doesn't appear to appreciate the inquiry.

“You know, that’s the most unfair question, cause you don’t have any idea what work (Robyn) has done, what she has done as a person, the sacrifices that she’s made, the games that she hasn’t played,” he says.

The reality star proceeds to distinguish between his "favorite" wife and the wife that "finds favor" with him.

“It’s not about a favorite. It’s about finding favor,” he says. "The words Christine uses incite enmity toward Robyn. She never did anything to Christine but be kind to her."

Kody, whose divorce with Christine was the focal point of Season 17, suggests that the topic of favoritism is rooted in a "character issue."

"It's not just about my character. It's about their (my other wives') character. And who wants to run deep here? Do you want to find favor by being loyal to me and never allowing somebody to trash talk me? Or do you want to sit here and be the one who’s trash talking me?" he asks.

Kody then claims that Meri, Janelle and Christine have "s--t talked" him since they got married, but suggests that Robyn has not.

"To my knowledge, Robyn puts up her dukes if you s--t talk me," he says.

The scene then shifts to Christine, who says that Janelle “doesn’t deserve” a statement about disloyalty from Kody.

“She’s so loyal to him it’s ridiculous," Christine says, going on to describe their interactions before they both separated from Kody. "I can’t tell you all the conversations that I had with her where I’d be like, ‘I don’t like how he’s doing this and how he’s doing this and blah blah blah.’ And she’s like, ‘He’s a great dad, what are you talking about? He’s a great husband, what are you talking about? For years, that woman was so loyal."

Christine says she found Kody’s statement triggering.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s like it's obvious where you want to spend your time. I mean, c'mon," she says.

Janelle, who recently confirmed that she is separated from Kody, also comments on the topic of favoritism and says doesn't agree with Kody's statement about loyalty.

"I thought I'd been loyal and I thought Christine had been loyal, but apparently we’re not loyal enough or something," she says.

When Krishnan asks Janelle if she believes that Robyn is Kody's favorite wife, she shares the following: "I feel like and my children feel like he has been disproportionate in the amount of time that he spends there."