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EXCLUSIVE: Why 'Sister Wives' star Christine opted for a mother-daughter dance at her wedding

Christine Brown credited her husband, David Woolley, with the idea.
Sister Wives
Christine Brown with four of her daughters on her special day.iYouTube

Instead of a traditional father-daughter dance at her wedding, Christine Brown opted for a mother-daughter dance, and has an exclusive first look at the special moment.

The reality star's wedding to David Woolley plays out over a two-part "Sister Wives" wedding special. In it, she explains why she wasn't able to dance with her father on her big day.

"I knew that I couldn't have a daddy-daughter dance because my dad, he can't dance. He's too sick. So David suggested a dance with my daughters instead," the bride says in a confessional interview.

In the clip, Christine dances alone with her daughter Ysabel Brown as her wedding guests look on.

"It just seemed just natural. (My daughters have) been with me for so much of this, for everything," she says while reflecting on the sentimental moment.

After Christine and Ysabel's solo slow dance ends, three of her other daughters (Aspyn Thompson, Mykelti Padron and Truely Brown) run onto the dance floor to give their mom a hug.

“And then we needed all of the daughters and (David’s) daughters too and extra daughters and all the ladies on the dance floor,” Christine says in her confessional. “And the vision was just to make it this big huge group of women dancing together. It was incredible.” 

Hunter Brown, Janelle and Kody Brown's son, commented on the powerful moment in his own confessional.

"She just is so much fun. She's got a positive feedback loop," he says of Christine.

His brother, Gabriel Brown, also comments on the newlyweds' relationship in his own interview.

"I see Christine interact with David. Quite frankly, I've never seen her be this happy. And that's no slight to my dad. I think that they really tried and they really gave it a hard go. And that they really did love each other. But I think that sometimes, that's just the way things go," he says. "I'm reassured that this is right for Christine when I see how happy David makes her."

Back in her confessional with David, Christine recalls how wonderful the experience was for everyone involved.

“In almost all the weddings that I’ve gone to, like for our kids and cousins and everything like that, dancing has been what people look forward to most,” she says.