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Why 'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown got a matching tattoo with her new husband

The Celtic symbol has a significant meaning for the newlyweds.

Christine Brown and David Woolley are showing off their love for each other in a sweet way: matching tattoos.

In a recent “Sister Wives: One on One” special, the couple revealed the special meaning behind their identical inkwork.

While chatting with host Sukanya Krishnan, Christine introduced her fiancé (they were not married yet at the time of filming) and Krishnan said David perfectly matches the details of the perfect man Christine described in Season 18 of "Sister Wives."

"When you were talking about, you know, ‘I want somebody who’s bald, somebody who has tattoos, who rides (a motorcycle)... It’s almost like you manifested David," Krishnan said.

Christine then explained that David has "beautiful" tattoos on his shoulder and revealed that she also got a tattoo after she met him.

"Then we have a matching tattoo now," she said.

Christine proceeded to show the host her new tattoo, which is located above her heart.

“It means ‘new beginnings’ in Celtic. And he’s got one too, right here (over his heart). It’s the same one,” she said.

Christine then recalled that she got the tattoo first and David was right by her side throughout the process.

“So I got mine and he was right there and he held my hand and yeah, (getting a tattoo is) not fun. How do people do big ones? It’s very painful,” she said.

David has tattoos and is bald — and happens to check off the last box from Christine's vision of the perfect man.

"She found out that I used to have a motorcycle and she about fell on the floor. I did have one," David said.

At this point, Krishnan couldn't get over how much it seems like Christine manifested David She said, "It was like what you were describing (in Season 18) is what's sitting next to you."

"It is, 100%," Christine replied.

David admitted that it initially felt a bit "weird" when he saw that clip from the show and realized how much he fit Christine's vision of her ideal man.

Christine and David
David and ChristineTLC

The conversation then turned to Christine's former marriage with Kody Brown, who made it clear that he wasn't attracted to her. The mother of six then explained that her children inspired her to seek out a new relationship.

"You always want to be an example for your kids. And if things aren’t working out and if you’re with someone who’s not attracted to you or whatever, you need to change. You need to do something different," she said.