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‘Selling Sunset’ star Mary Fitzgerald gives update on friendship with Chrishell Stause

In Season Six, the friends have a difficult conversation about how Fitzgerald acted in the aftermath of Stause's breakup.
Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause in season 5 of "Selling Sunset."
Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause in season 5 of "Selling Sunset."Netflix

Chrishell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald's friendship is under the spotlight on Season Six of "Selling Sunset."

Stause told Fitzgerald that she "felt a little awkward" when Fitzgerald spent more time with Stause's ex-boyfriend and co-star Jason Oppenheim after their breakup.

Selling Sunset. (L to R) Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause in season 6 of Selling Sunset.
Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause in season 6 of Selling Sunset.Courtesy NETFLIX

"I've been spending more time with Jason because he needed it after the breakup and everything," Fitzgerald, who also dated Oppenheim in the past, responded.

However, in her confessional, Stause said the whole situation was “frustrating” because she needed a friend as much as Oppenheim.

"I just feel like it would've been nice to feel like I'd had that friendship and support because it wasn't easy," she said.

"I was really hurt," Stause added to Fitzgerald.

After the two talked it out, they seemed to have come to an understanding of their friendship. However, when a producer asked Stause in her confessional if she could ever forgive Fitzgerald for not being there for her, she remained silent.

In an interview with, Stause answered that very question when she was asked about her friendship with Fitzgerald. She said, "Nothing would ever come between my genuine love for Mary."

“She's one of the girls that no matter how much time has passed, I don’t feel like we’d ever wish anything but the best for each other,” Stause continued.

Chrishell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald in season 5 of "Selling Sunset."
Chrishell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald in Season Five of "Selling Sunset."Netflix

“It sometimes can be frustrating to work on a show and do things where it’s in the better interest to not have his talk off camera and make sure we have those conversations on camera, but I think that it does a disservice to an obvious love that’s there,” she said.

In a separate interview with, Fitzgerald echoed that same sentiment. She noted that she and Stause are “good” and have talked to each other after the show aired.

“We’re the kind of friends that even if we don’t talk for a while, and there’s a little something, we’re both just very respectful to each other,” she said, adding that they’re “fine” and “get along great.”