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‘Selling Sunset’ fans spot an editing error in Christine Quinn’s wardrobe

Exactly how many hats was Quinn wearing to Chelsea Lazkani's tea party?
Christine Quinn smiles during Season Five of "Selling Sunset."
Christine Quinn smiles during Season Five of "Selling Sunset."Netflix

Are you seeing double? No, those are just Christine Quinn's hats in "Selling Sunset."

Fans noticed an editing discrepancy that occurred with Christine Quinn's wardrobe in Season Five, Episode Eight of “Selling Sunset," a Netflix show that follows the real estate agents of the L.A.-based brokerage the Oppenheim Group.

After Chelsea Lazkani, a Season Five addition, is offered a job at the Oppenheim Group, she decides to get to know her new coworkers better by throwing a tea party.

"I feel so grateful being here," Lazkani tells Quinn and the other agents in attendance. "Honestly, you guys have welcomed me so graciously ... I want you guys to get to know me on a more personal note."

At her party, Lazkani welcomes Quinn, who is seen wearing a powder pink dress and a blue fascinator. After they quickly exchange hugs and kisses, Quinn's outfit seems to change in a matter of seconds.

First wearing a blue hat, Quinn is then seen wearing a pink fascinator that matches her dress perfectly. Although her friend is suddenly in a new outfit, Lazkani doesn't seem fazed at all. She continues to talk to Quinn as if everything was normal, and she just undergo a rapid-fire wardrobe switch.

The encounter, which likely comes down to an editing error, was caught by TikToker @jpatzz, who shared a video of the moment on his account. He captioned the clip, “Edit fail but both looks good.”

Other viewers noticed the moment.

The continuity blunder comes after fans pointed out other mistakes in the show, such as Jason Oppenheim seemingly making a fake phone call, with the camera setting of his phone visible onscreen during the supposed call. In another talked-about moment, Lazkani uses rubber bands to hold her dress together.

Quinn herself pointed out the artificiality of the show in a tweet, posted on the show's premiere date, telling viewers to "enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines."

Seen through the lens of the show's signature show-stopping fashion, though, the wardrobe change fits in with Quinn's other memorable outfits. Some of her other Season Five looks include a Balmain denim tweed dress and a Diamante snake necklace.

The takeaway? The fashion is very much real — and there are never too many hats, or too many fashion moments, when it comes to "Selling Sunset."