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See Meryl Streep hilariously crash daughter's 'Gilded Age' party

This is why Meryl Streep should always be on the guest list.

Who forgot to invite Meryl Streep?

In a video that Cynthia Nixon shared on Instagram, Streep can be seen crashing a "Gilded Age" party thrown by Nixon and attended by Streep's 30-year-old daughter Louisa Jacobson, along with other stars from the new HBO series.

As Nixon and Jacobson raise their glasses alongside Denée Benton and Ben Ahlers — who play Peggy Scott and Jack Treacher in the elegant show — Streep quickly walks past the camera with a huge smile on her face.

"Hi Meryl! Last night’s little @GildedAgeHBO hang with @Louisa_Jacobson, @DeneeBenton and @BenAhlers (and crashed by Louisa’s mom)," Nixon captioned the funny post.

In "The Gilded Age," Jacobson stars as Marian Brook — an unfulfilled Pennsylvanian, who moves to New York City to live with her rich aunts. During a recent interview with BroadwayWorld, Jacobson revealed exactly what it was that drew her to her character.

"I was drawn to Marian because she seems like she could fit the mold on the outside," Jacobson said. "And there’s just a little thing in her that wants a lot more than what was expected of her. So that was fun to play with and it’ll be cool for audiences to see how it evolves throughout the season."

"The Gilded Age" premiered on HBO Max this Monday, and it's the first big project that Jacobson has ever been involved in. The show was brought to life by "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes and Jacobson admits that she's always been a "huge" fan of his work.

"I love 'Downton Abbey.' I just was so drawn to it," she said.

Louisa Jacobson as Marian Brook in "The Gilded Age."
Louisa Jacobson as Marian Brook in "The Gilded Age." Alison Rosa / HBO

That's why Jacobson didn't think twice about auditioning for the role of Marian. One thing she loved about the script was her character's incredible friendship with Peggy, played by Benton.

"That was something I hadn’t seen in a period piece before," Jacobson said. "All these great roles for female-identifying actors."

"Mamma Mia!" star Christine Baranski, who plays Agnes Van Rhijn in the series, also raved about how great it was to work with Jacobson as she starts to get her feet wet in Hollywood.

“It was really sweet with Louisa because her character [is new to] this world," Baranski recently told Entertainment Tonight. "She’s very insecure but she’s got this tough hand. And on the other hand, she’s nice. But it was very much what Louisa was living through as this young actress who gets this juicy role.”

“I saw her start out being able to use all her insecurities and all that being very real and it was a joy to watch her as an actress as well as a character," Baranski added. "She’s marvelous and I think Meryl will be very proud.”