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Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost team up in new Super Bowl commercial

The spouses imagine a world in which their smart speaker knows what they’re thinking, and the results are disturbing for them — and hilarious for viewers.

Some things are better left unsaid.

That’s the lesson Scarlett Johansson and husband Colin Jost learn in an Amazon commercial set to air on Super Bowl Sunday.

While Super Bowl LVI is still almost a week away, fans of the always-entertaining and often star-studded ads that air on game day don’t have to wait to get a peek at what’s to come — at least not in the case of a new ad for Amazon’s Echo that features the famous couple.

The minute-and-a-half spot kicks off with Jost telling the smart speaker, “Alexa, it’s game day!”

That sets off a home routine that turns on the game, closes the blinds and chills the wine, leaving the couple feeling as though the device could read their minds.

But what if it really could?

The thought of that tees up a daydream sequence that shows why no one would ever want that.

Some things really are better left unsaid.
Some things really are better left unsaid.YouTube

For instance, when Johansson, 37, rolls over in bed to tell Jost, 39, that, “I love it when we get to sleep in,” Jost slyly covers his face while Alexa responds by saying, “Ordering fresh mint mouthwash ... extra strength.”

When “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update anchor starts droning on to his obviously bored wife about the merits of getting a spray tan, Alexa activates a nosy blender nearby. And so it goes as the couple plays out a number of hilarious scenarios wherein they find out exactly what their partner thinks about them via the tech.

Perhaps the most disturbing for Jost, and the most amusing for viewers, is when he asks the A-lister, “When you have to do those love scenes with those hot guys, is that fun or is that like the worst?”

Johansson, who wed Jost in 2020, smiles and say, “It’s the worst!”

A mind-reading smart speaker might be a step too far.
A mind-reading smart speaker might be a step too far.YouTube

Alas, Alexa didn’t have her back, and instead started playing Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies.”

In the end, the pair snap out of their mind-reading musings and decide their smart speaker works best when it only replies to their spoken words.