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Where is Rebekah Neumann, the subject of 'WeCrashed,' now?

WeWork's former chief brand and impact officer is continuing her efforts to "elevate the world's consciousness" with a new company.

Fans of Apple TV+’s “WeCrashed” may have come to the show to understand the rise and fall of WeWork, a start-up that began as a company that sold co-working space and later expanded into different fields, before a failed attempt to go public in 2019 led to dramatic changes at the company.

In the show, Jared Leto plays WeWork’s often barefoot co-founder Adam Neumann, and Anne Hathaway is Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, his wife and WeWork’s eventual chief brand and impact officer.

Neumann studied Buddhism and business in Cornell, and briefly worked as a stock trader after graduation. “It was not my calling,” she said on the “School of Greatness“ podcast. Eventually, she intertwined spirituality and business at WeWork.

At WeWork, Neumann emphasized the brand's mission of “elevating the world’s consciousness” and was known to fire people for having “bad energy,” according to the Wall Street Journal, allegedly within minutes of meeting them. She also led the brand’s educational branch, WeGrow.

In the end, the couple were ousted from the company in 2019 following pressure from investors. The couple’s management styles have since been examined in documentaries like “WeWork: or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn;” podcasts like “WeCrashed,” and the Apple TV+ show.

Here’s what Neumann has been up to since leaving WeWork.

Rebekah Paltrow met Adam Neumann in New York

“WeCrashed” presents an version of the couple’s courtship: In the show, the two meet by chance at a party and Adam follows her until she allows him to take her on a date. In the show, he’s late for said date, almost causing his future wife to give up quickly.

There are few available details about the couple’s dating life and how they first met, but they met in New York City, after Neumann (then Paltrow) returned from yoga training with monks in Tibet, according to a 2016 interview in Porter, per the Observer; and another trip to the Omega Institute, per the “School of Greatness” podcast. She taught him how to meditate.

2018 Time 100 Gala
Adam Neumann and Rebekah Neumann in 2018. Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

She described Adam as being a “struggling entrepreneur” when she first met him during an interview on the “School of Greatness" podcast, and said he couldn’t “afford a taxi.” Adam would go on to found WeWork in 2010, and by 2019 would have an estimated net worth of $14 billion per Bloomberg (in 2021, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimated his net worth at $2.1 billion, perFortune).

The couple wed in 2008 within months of meeting, per Neumann’s interview on “The School of Greatness” podcast. She said before meeting Adam, she “didn’t go on one date” for six years. “I was studying life. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of who I was and what my purpose was and why I was on this planet before I opened up to welcoming in a partner,” she said. She said she could tell she and Adam would create something “large-scale” for the planet, and that he would be the man to “help save the world.” She went on to say, “That’s why I married him.”

Despite marrying quickly, it wasn’t love at first sight. Adam recalled their first date during a 2017 speech at Baruch College. “She looked me straight in the eye and she said, ‘You, my friend, are full of sh–,” Adam said. “‘She then said, ‘Every single word that comes out of your mouth is fake.’”

She had a brief acting career

In 2010, while Adam Neumann was working on WeWork, Rebekah Neumann was trying her hand at acting. The Apple TV+ series shows her taking on a lead role in a theatrical production around the same time.

In a 2016 interview, Neumann herself confirmed that she had starred in a Chekov play produced in a loft space above WeWork’s office. On IMDB, she is listed as an actor and producer on several projects from 2010 to 2014.

On the movie site, she is identified as Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, but in her films she was credited as Rebekah Keith.

Neumann also once toured with Michael Franti & Spearhead, per Porter, a musical act that later came to the company’s three days “summer camp” work retreat in the Adirondacks (depicted in WeCrashed).

USA - Andy & Debb - Spring 2010 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week- New York
Rebekah Paltrow Neumann at a 2010 spring fashion show.Getty Images

What happened to Rebekah Neumann’s father and brother?

Several of the Paltrow family's stories end up being featured in the third episode of the series, “Summer Camp.” The episode focuses on a mandatory employee retreat that Adam Neumann hosted at a campground owned by the Paltrow family,according to the New York Times. The episode features flashbacks to Rebekah Neumann’s childhood and a subplot about her father.

In the flashbacks, viewers see the death of Neumann’s older brother, Keith. According to a profile of Neumann by Bustle, Keith was diagnosed with cancer at 22 and passed away at 23, when his younger sister was 11.

In the same episode, viewers watch as Neumann grapples with a current crisis: Her father Robert Paltrow is facing a sentence for tax evasion and has asked her to write a letter to the judge pleading his case in the hopes of lessening his sentence. The letter, which is available to view online, said that Neumann’s brother’s death was part of why Robert Paltrow failed to report nearly $5 million dollars in taxable income, resulting in an underpayment of nearly $800,000 in taxes.

Other family members and friends also wrote letters on Paltrow’s behalf, but in the end, Judge Kim R. Gibson imposed a sentence of six months in prison, one year of supervised release and a $50,000 fine.

Rebekah Neumann and Gwenyth Paltrow are first cousins

Yes, the WeWork co-founder and Goop creator are cousins. Neumann’s father Robert is the brother of Paltrow’s late father, director Bruce Paltrow. It’s unclear how close the two were growing up, but as adults, Paltrow appeared in a WeWork video with Rebekah Neumann.

The 2018 clip shows the two chatting about the inception of WeWork and WeGrow, an initiative that Neumann spearheaded that would bring WeWork’s values to young children in an educational setting.

“In my book, there’s no reason why children in elementary schools can’t be launching their own businesses,” Neumann told Bloomberg of her goals with the entrepreneurially-focused school, based in WeWork's Chelsea location.

The video was published about a year before Neumann and her husband were ousted from WeWork. The “conscious entrepreneurial school” shuttered in 2019, per the Daily Beast. Since the making of the video, the cousins haven’t appeared publicly together.

In a 2016 fashion spread for Porter, per the Observer, Paltrow described Neumann’s childhood in Bedford, NY: “They had a huge piece of property, a big beautiful house ... they had a lot of help and every comfort.”

According to the The Wall Street Journal, the Neumanns purchased a home in Amagansett that bordered the property line of one of Paltrow’s homes.

Neumann is not involved with Goop, Paltrow’s lifestyle company.

Are Rebekah and Adam Neumann still married? 

Rebekah and Adam Neumann have remained married after being ousted from WeWork in 2019.

The couple share six children, according to a 2021 article in Vanity Fair. At one point, some of Neumann's children were enrolled in WeGrow.

Rebekah Neumann remains on Instagram

Her account is private, but Rebekah Neumann remains on Instagram. (A follow request went unanswered.)

What is she doing today?

Rebekah Neumann bought back WeGrow in the summer of 2020, according to Forbes. Since then, the educational brand has been relaunched as SOLFL. Pronounced “soulful,” the acronym stands for “Student of Life For Life.”

Neumann is not identified on the school’s website, but a blurb on the home page says that the program is “from the creators of WeGrow.” SOLFL is described as “a platform that provides a hyper-localized, Earth-based, holistic approach to teaching and learning” on its website.

The program is active on Instagram and the page appears to have been a social media page for WeGrow before being rebranded.