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‘Ultimatum’ star Rae Williams updates fans on relationship status after explosive reunion

Rae shared an update on Instagram after coming out as bisexual during the show's reunion episode.
/ Source: TODAY

Rae Williams — a cast member on Netflix’s newest reality hit TV show “The Ultimatum” — is sharing all of the details about the show and her life updates after the reunion episode aired earlier this week.

In a series of Instagram stories, Rae let her audience ask her questions, choosing a select few to address publicly on social media, including inquiries about her current relationship status.

Rae Williams, Zay Wilson, and Jake Cunningham from Netflix's "The Ultimatum"
Rae Williams, Zay Wilson and Jake Cunningham from Netflix's "The Ultimatum"Netflix / Netflix

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Ultimatum” on Netflix.

In case you missed it, Rae, was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Zay Wilson, for two and a half years. The couple dated through college, but upon graduation, Rae issued their ultimatum, explaining that her plan for life was “college, then proposal, then babies.”

To test if they were ready for marriage, the couple broke up and Rae dated another contestant, Jake Cunningham, who was in a relationship with April Marie. Jake and Rae decided to move in together for a three week “trial marriage” and during the season finale, they each broke up with their previous partners. Rather than propose to Rae, Jake presented her with a ticket to anywhere in the world. 

Jake Cunningham and Rachel "Rae" Williams in episode 10 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On: Season 1.
Jake Cunningham and Rachel "Rae" Williams in episode 10 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On: Season 1.Adam Rose / Netflix

However, in the reunion, it was revealed that the couple never took the trip and were no longer together. Rae tried to make it work again with Zay, but ultimately things didn’t work out between them. Since the end of the show, Rae also shared that she has only dated one other person, who is a woman. 

Are Rae Williams and her girlfriend still together?

Fans on Instagram inquired about her partner, asking Rae, “Show us your girl!” 

“the girl I got with after the show is very private and we have kinda taken a step back the past few months with everything going on and the show coming out but we are still very close and hope to revisit things after the summer,” she explained on Instagram. “I’m single and in therapy.”


While Rae appeared to come out as bisexual to the rest of the cast during the reunion, she revealed on Instagram that she had already told Zay and Jake.

“Zay knew because I dated a girl before him,” she wrote. “I also told Jake before we made the choice. Both Zay and Jake are not homophobic or bigoted and that was very important to me.”


One fan wrote in and asked, “What gave you the strength to come out? I’m scared to come out as Bi, but your example was everything!”

“knowing that people are suicidal or depressed over their identity or sexuality and not being accepted or accepting themselves made me want to come out,” she wrote. 


As for why she and Jake didn’t work out in the end, Rae chocks it up to their meet-cute being “Weird and stressful.” She explained, “After filming we were like What the heck just happened? Going through the ultimatum was not easy!”

She also took a moment to give relationship advice to one fan, though she caveated her statement with, “I think I’m like the last person who should give relationship advice because clearly I suck at dating.” 

“Make sure you understand your partners love languages and love them the way THEY need to be loved,” she said. “physical chemistry IS important but nothing is better than having loyalty and solid communication.”