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The Property Brothers made Snoop Dogg cry during a recent renovation

The rapper helped transform his longtime friend's garage on Drew and Jonathan Scott's HGTV show "Celebrity IOU."
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Jonathan and Drew Scott are back for Season Three of HGTV's "Celebrity IOU," a show where they help celebrities transform living spaces for loved ones who've made a difference in their lives. This formula makes for some serious tear-jerking TV, as proven in the latest renovation featuring Snoop Dogg.

On Monday's episode, the Property Brothers worked alongside the iconic rapper to help transform his close friend Commish's garage into the ultimate work-and-chill space — and to Jonathan and Drew's surprise, Snoop Dogg shed a few tears in the process.

"It's the same with different seasons, all these celebs that you might not expect to be someone who cries. But this is a whole other level," Drew Scott told TODAY during a phone interview. "Snoop's known Commish, he gave back to Commish ... and (Commish has) done so much in pumping into his community, where Snoop grew up."


During the episode, the "Drop It Like It's Hot" hitmaker explained that he met Commish over a decade ago while one of Snoop's sons was playing a football game in Compton. Snoop noticed the passion of Commish, who was the coach of another team playing at the facility, and saw an opportunity to work together.

"I saw his team warming up, they just look so organized," Snoop told the Property Brothers. "After the game, I went up to him. ... We didn’t really like the league we were in. I was like, we should just start our own."

And so the duo created the Snoop Youth Football League, which had its inaugural season in 2005 and has been changing lives of countless inner-city kids in their community ever since.

Commish has been operating the youth football organization out of his detached garage over the years, and Snoop wanted to upgrade the space not only to hold work-related meetings, but to give him escapism when he needed it.

But it was when Snoop surprised Commish with the renovation news that tears started to flow.

The Property Brothers and Snoop visited Commish’s house in Compton, where he was doing an interview that he thought was for a documentary about the rapper. However, Commish realized he had been tricked when Snoop said, “We ain’t here doing no documentary, man, we here to do something special for you.”

That's when the Scott brothers stepped in to break the news.

“This guy here talks so highly of you, he said there are so many people, that you’ve affected thousands of kids and their parents and their families and their communities, that you’ve helped transform their lives. And so we wanted to come and say thank you for Snoop."

Commish responded that he was "speechless" before breaking down in tears. Snoop walked over to rub his back and wiped tears from his own eyes.

"The way me and this guy connect and vibe from Day One, you would just think we grew up together like I know him my whole life, he has done so much for me," Commish explained to the Property Brothers.

“That’s what friends are for, man, it's a give-and-take relationship ... no question, no doubt, of what he means to me, what he means to the community, what he means to my football league and every kid in the league," Snoop responded.

Emotional moments like this are fairly common on the series, which frequently shows celebrities and loved ones letting down their walls (literally and metaphorically) while showing how much they care for one another. But that never takes away from each relationship that is explored and celebrated in every episode.

"There's a whole other level of connection when you’re giving back, and to see how life-changing what we’re doing is for these people, you can't help but cheer up, you can’t help but get emotional," Drew Scott told TODAY, joking that showing Snoop his "rap skills" also got him "emotional in a different way."